****The Local Shack, Perth****

Website: http://www.thelocalshack.com.au

The Local Shack situated along Murray Street, just opposite Shafto Lane, next to the Wilson car park is somewhere that has alFrom the outsideways intrigued me, but I never made it there due to work and constant memory loss of its existence for me to try.

I was personally delighted when the PFEs received an email from owner Brad to come by to try their burgers out. I was initially surprised because I thought it was just an exotic bar. But I have been educated that the Local Shack is actually a burger joint, with fully licensed bar within too, making it even more attractive than before. Booze, burger and chips. Who wouldn’t want some of that?!

I headed down to the Local Shack on a Friday afternoon, and silly me hadn’t made a booking, so when DSC and I entered, we found all these tables reserved. So we made a quick decision to sit outside, and I’m glad we made that decision swift because before we knew it, the outside area was filled up too (despite that awful cold snap!).

The menuDSC and I quickly deliberated the menu (we were talking too much beforehand) and chose the following:

  • Large serve of chips (with tomato relish, and aioli on the side)
  • Gourmet burgerĀ 
  • Surfer’s Burger
  • Diet Coke

We saw bowls of chips being served to other tables whilst waiting and I couldn’t wait to dig into our bowl when it did come through because it was looked like it was garnished with those great spices.

When the food came, DSC must have been so hungry because he immediately tucked in before I could even snap a photo!

Surfer Burger

The burgers were fantastic. DSC said within the first bite, “this is already better than Grill’d”. And with that, I couldn’t wait to dig into mine. And how true it was. The burgers were light, and I actually noticed how fresh the salad in the burgers was. There was a nice crunch to the greens, the meat was cooked perfect (moist and tasty) and the bread fresh. In the words of DSC, this is the best burger I have tried so far.

Gourmet Burger

The chips were pretty awesome too, with the crunch and flavour factor both ticked with smiles.

Chips and Sauces

I had a short chat with busy Brad and apparently the Local Shack has a special (big) drink called the “watermelon bombs”, where they use the shell of the watermelon and fill it with vodka and other kinds of booze/mixers, and the purpose it to share it with mates. What a great idea! They go through watermelons in the number of 30s and beyond, and that’s not the only cool thing about this little Shack. There are huge jars of infused vodkas that they do inhouse, and they even have absinthe served the old-fashioned fountain way. All this talk is making me thirsty. I promised Brad I will be back one evening to have a burger and booze night.

Service was quick and friendly. The overall vibe was hip and trendy, with colourful choices in the infused vodka, making the bar utterly attractive.

I’m already looking forward to heading back to the Local Shack for another burger and I will be bringing some mates to share in the joy of a watermelon bomb! Thanks to Brad and crew for the lovely lunch experience.

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Local Shack
Telephone: (08) 9322 5329
Address: 418 Murray Street, Perth

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2 thoughts on “****The Local Shack, Perth****

  1. I came here too! I found the chips awesomely crisp and the watermelon drink really yums! Esp considering that fact that I do not drink. It tasted great :)!

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