The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar, Fremantle

Entertainment Book 13/14: One Complimentary Main Course when another Main Course of equal or greater value is purchased.

Yay for the new Entertainment Book! This year’s book is looking so good! Needless to say,  The Dock was somewhere that I stumbled upon in the Entertainment Book for 2013/2014 and was delighted to see on Urbanspoon that it specialises in seafood because the family was feeling like something fishy.

When making a reservation for a table, I was asked if I was using a voucher or entertainment book card, etc., which I found quite interesting. Either way, I informed the gentleman that I would be using the Entertainment Card and the booking was confirmed.

The Dock does not stand out in terms of its outward appearances. That said, it was not difficult to find the place because it is one of the few shops that is opened along that end of High Street in Fremantle.

Seafood display

Upon entering the establishment, I saw a display fridge of fresh seafood, with a family behind the counter receiving us.  We were shown to our table, and the Madame of the restaurant came to explain the specials. One board had fish that were served with chips and a house salad, and the other board had seafood specials that would be served on a bed of greens.

Board TwoBoard One

The Dock is actually the first seafood place that is really really focused on seafood. Which is great.

After deliberation on the different types of fish available, we decided on:

  • Grilled barramundi ($38)
  • Grilled gold band (snapper) ($38)
  • Grilled coral trout ($38)
  • Grilled scallops ($25)

We decided to go for the healthy choice of grilled fish rather than beer battered, which was the other option.

Grilled Barramundi

The three fish fillets were cooked beautifully, though the three of us agreed that the coral trout was the best of the three types of fish. I’ve always known snapper to be a bit of a firm meat, towards the dry side, so towards the end of the meal, this became a little bit of a downer for me. But hey, I asked for it. *wink*

Grilled coral trout

The chips were well cooked, and with both salt and vinegar readily available on the table, it went down a treat!

Grilled gold band snapper

The scallops were nice and plump, but unfortunately a little overcooked for us. There was also a lack of flavour.

Grilled scallops

All seafood was fresh fresh fresh, with servings generous. I love the fact that it’s a small establishment, with what seemed like a managed-by-family business.

The service was awesome and friendly. I’d definitely head back to try some of their other fish and seafood dishes (already have the soft shell crab on my list).

PS. I saw a number of other guests ordering platters, and boy did they look awesome!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar
Telephone: (08) 9430 7544
Address: 124 High Street, Fremantle

The Dock Seafood and Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

One thought on “The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar, Fremantle

  1. Love Seafood. I find it is cheaper to eat Seafood at a restaurant here in Perth rather than buying some good Seafood and cooking at home. Especially Salmon, it always burns a big hole in my pocket. Love your review, have to try this place.

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