Toastface Grillah, Perth


I have been hearing whispers about this place for the longest time but never found the opportunity to visit this funky little place called Toastface Grillah. So when Miss Anise brought TG up with me during a conversation, I immediately seized the chance to propose luncheon with Miss Anise at Toastface Grillah.

As we waltzed along Barrack Street, Miss Anise strolled along across the street towards the other side of Barrack Street where Taka is, and the best part was really the fact that I followed right behind her! *face palms*

From the outsideIn any case, we found our way back onto the right track, and as we headed into Grand Lane, we found ourselves intrigued by the wall that was covered with art work – it was awesome.

Toastface Grillah doesn’t boast a big space, but it has a funky vibe that draws one in without even needing to be interested in Toasties. As one would have guessed, they have only one variety of food in their menu, and that is toasted sandwiches. That said, there are a number of different types of toasties available for choice.

Miss Anise and I already chose our sandwiches prior to coming through but we did end up ordering one extra because they all sounded too good to resist! In the end, here was our order:

  • Pear Grillz (Blue cheese, pear and lime chutney) – $9
  • Chilli Cheese – Mild (Cheddar, chilli flakes, paprika) – $7
  • Danny Zuccho (Brie cheese, zucchini, prosciutto) – $9

Pear GrillzBox pear grillz

I am not a fan of blue cheese, but when given a try, I found that the usual smell of blue cheese didn’t overpower the pear grillz toastie, and it was actually a lovely combination. Quoting Miss Anise, “it’s the perfect breakfast toastie!”.

box danny zDanny Z

The Danny Zuccho, which was my main toastie (we had ordered three with two ‘mains’ of our own, and one to share), was awesome except for the fact that the prosciutto was a little difficult to bite. I wouldn’t think twice about ordering this again. Lovely savoury toastie.

chilli cheesebox chilli (mild) cheese

The chilli cheese was definitely a star of the luncheon with both Miss Anise and I loving the melted cheddar and the mix of paprika and the cheese. The chilli flakes were spread on the top of the toastie, and because we had ordered the mild version, there was a sparse dusting of those flakes. The only regrettable thing about the chilli cheese was the fact that the cheese and paprika mixture was overflowing in the middle of the sandwich, leaving the bread itself a little less cheese than desired. I can imagine the normal version being a good hit.

Overall, the friendly staff, and great combination of ingredients make this funky toastie joint a definite must-try. I know I will certainly be back when I am cravin’ for a toastie!

Rating: 3.65 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Toastface Grillah
Telephone: 040 911 5909
Address: Grand Lane, Perth

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