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We wrote about the wonderful No.4 Blake Street some time back, and how the head chef and owner was the owner of another more casual restaurant in Perth. Well, this time, I made my way (together with my camera so I could write this post!) to Tom’s Kitchen, located in the vibrant Shafto Lane.

Being mid-week, AC and I arrived early and managed to find a spot quite easily without a booking. We were swiftly and politely showed to our table. I had been here before, and had a pleasant experience, so I was looking forward to trying something different on the menu.

Vino for eveningAfter deliberating, AC and I decided to have:

  • Salmon croquettes with whiskey cocktail sauce
  • Gnocchi, picked pork, sweet peas, rosemary
  • Scallops, spiced rice
  • Sticky date pudding

We shared the salmon croquettes, and being a rather chilly evening, the steam coming out of the piping hot salmon croquettes was enough to make us drool. As we dug in, there was a nice soft filling that contrasted with the crunchy exterior. Tasty dish. I enjoyed it.

Salmon CroquettesSalmon Croquettes inside

AC had the gnocchi, and I had a little portion of it. I loved the fact that the gnocchi was full of potato, and the pork added this lovely textural difference to the dish. The pork was tasty, and the peas added some sweetness to the dish, which was refreshing. This dish was good, though I would have shared this dish rather than have one all by myself – I could see myself getting a bit overwhelmed by the gnocchi and pork combination if I only had that.

Gnocchi, Picked Pork

The scallops with spiced rice was lovely and I could just eat that all evening. The spiced rice was so tasty, and the beautifully cooked scallop made for a perfect accompaniment. I would say this was the savoury dish of the evening for me.

Scallops + Spiced Rice #1Scallops + Spiced Rice #2

The sticky date pudding was a dessert I had during my last visit, and it is one of the few great sticky date puddings of all the ones that I have tried. Moist, sweet, sticky. YUM. I would order this again, and again, and again.

sticky date pudding

Service was very friendly, and there was a good level of attention from the ladies during the evening. If I was looking for something nice, casual, simple, modern, and tasty affair, I will come back to Tom’s Kitchen.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Tom’s Kitchen
Telephone: (08) 9321 0345
Address: Shafto Lane, Perth

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