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I had planned a work dinner with RG and her husband, JD, GM, Miss Anise and myself, but unfortunately, the men in this group could not make it, therefore resulting in a ladies night out between RG, Miss Anise and I at the Blu Grill, located in Woodlands.

I had heard good things about Blu Grill and was quite excited to try this establishment that one can only assume is good for their steaks. I was feeling like cow that evening, so it was perfect timing without a doubt.

specials Menu

As we arrived at the venue, I was taken aback at how big this restaurant was. It has been a while since I have seen restaurant of that size, and of that open concept – really nice. The classy table setting led us to thinking that this was shaping up to be a good night already.

Whilst we were waiting for RG, Miss Anise and I started to deliberate on our meals, and by the time RG came, it didn’t take long before she decided what she wanted, which then left us with the following orders:

  • Scotch Fillet with roast garlic pepper corn sauce ($32)
  • Eye Fillet with wild mushroom and blue cheese sauce ($36)
  • Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon ($30)
  • Truffle mash
  • Hand cut chips
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Chocolate trio ($16)
  • Malva Pudding ($14)
  • Crème brulee with a twist ($16)

We had decided to skip entrée and just head straight into the mains, and leave some space for dessert. By the time we finished ordering, we were definitely in for an indulgent night.

Steak Knife choices

Before we were served our meals, we were asked to choose the type of steak knife that we would like to have as part of our meal. I love my cow but I never knew there were so many different type of knives that one could use to have steak! It was intriguing to say the least. I don’t remember what the knife I had was called, but Miss Anise and I chose rather typical blades to assist us with our undertaking of the cow meat.

Scotch Fillet

The steaks were served on a lovely stone plate, sauce on the side. The scotch fillet was cooked to my liking of medium rare, but unfortunately the eye fillet was a little over the preferred cooking of medium for Miss Anise. She did however enjoy the wild mushroom and blue cheese sauce. I had a bit of a reverse experience where my steak was cooked nicely but the sauce was a little too runny for me. Would have liked a thicker sauce.

Eye Fillet

RG’s salmon looked beautiful and received rave reviews from the dish owner. There was a decent amount of food on the plate and the fact that it was all empty by the time we finished mains, proves as testament to a good main I think!

SalmonSalmon closeup

The truffle mash was the winner (side)dish of the evening for us. There was a lovely infusion of truffle oil into that mash that was creamy and delicate. It wasn’t overpowering and it was tasty at the same time. Brillance!

Truffle Mash

The hand cut chips were OK, and so were the steamed vegetables.

Steamed VegetablesHand Cut Chips

Then came the sweets. RG had the chocolate trio, I had the malva pudding (which I was having for the first time in my life, really) and Miss Anise had the crème brulee with a twist.

Chocolate Trio

Molten CakeI reckon the winner was probably the chocolate trio with so many textures with the same yummy goodness in each element presented. Decadent, we were all “yummmmm” as we tried a little from RG’s plate.

The malva pudding is a similar dessert to the more commonly known sticky date pudding, and whilst it was lovely, it did get a bit rich for me towards the end. Wouldn’t say “wow”, it wasn’t too bad.

Malva PuddingBlu Grill

The crème brulee that Miss Anise had, had an indian spice twist to it. She enjoyed it, and I had a try of it, which was pleasant but nothing beat that chocolate trio tasting from RG’s plate for sure.

Creme Brulee

The service at Blu Grill was attentive, and friendly. With the entertainment book discount, this place made for a worthwhile place to visit for sure.

I’m looking forward to my next trip back to Blu Grill for some steak, and maybe this time I will choose a more unorthodox steak knife to accompany my meal!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Blu Grill
Telephone: (08) 9242 8222
Address: 88 Rosewood Avenue, Woodlands

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