Royal Siam Kitchen, East Perth

Menu CoverEntertainment Book 2013/14: 25% off total bill (up to $25)

Having seen Royal Siam after having a meal at another location some time ago, the mother and I decided that we should try this place out, especially after seeing the great ratings it had on Urbanspoon.

I knew that we would have a discount from the entertainment book, but if only I had actually remembered to bring it to the restaurant, we could have gotten a better price for our meal! In any case, this leaves the voucher for future use. *winks*

From our table towards the end of the restaurantWe made a booking since we went on a Saturday evening, and what a good idea it was. We found ourselves walking into a rather crowded restaurant. We had to make our way to the counter to inform the waitstaff of our reservation (something I wasn’t too pleased about as I would have thought they’d be keen to receive their customers a little more than they showed). We were told the table to go to (rather than being guided).

As we deliberated through the menu, we found ourselves unable to decide what to order. But after a process of elimination, we found ourselves ordering the following:

  • Thai fish cakes
  • Steamed fish fillets with thai sauce
  • Stir fried vegetables with cashews
  • Chicken green curry

Thai Fish Cakes

I have always loved Thai fish cakes for their tasty flavour and beautiful smooth texture. This serve of fish cakes we ordered was no different to what we expected, nice and flavourful, the tangy sauce that came along with it brought a nice twang to the dish.

Steamed fish fillets

steamed fish fillets up closeThe steamed fish fillets was the highlight of the evening with the wonderfully cooked fish covered with a nice sweet but tangy sauce, leaving you wanting to go back for more and more. I am not the biggest fan of fish, but this was a beautiful dish that made me forget my indifference towards the seafood.

The chicken green curry was on the average side, nothing that sent us going ‘wow’. I personally found it a tad too dilute as well, and would have preferred if they had been a tad more generous with their serve of coconut cream on the top.

Chicken green curry

The stir fried vegetables was cooked well, but tastes were average, and nothing to rave about.

stir fried vegetables

Service here was alright – was a little less than amused by the initial welcome we got, but it did get better for the remainder of the evening.

Overall, a hit and miss dining experience at Royal Siam. I will come back to try their other dishes, and maybe have some of that lovely steam fish fillets again.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Royal Siam Kitchen
Telephone: (08) 9218 8838
Address: 82 Royal Street, East Perth

Royal Siam Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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