Serai Dining, Bibra Lake


MenuHaving been told that the previous place where Serai was located served up some pretty awful meals, I was rather happy to see that it was revamped, and was taken over by another Asian based restaurant.

Behind Serai is a husband-wife team from Malaysia who have brought over a chef from their hometown to hopefully delight the Western Australia’s senses with some Malaysian flavours.

The folks gave good reviews of this place having been there before me, and I was excited to try this place out.

The InsideThe inside of the restaurant is spacious and clean. The menu is well categorised, so it wasn’t too difficult for us to navigate around, finally deciding on:

  • Spring rolls to start
  • Sambal eggplant
  • House special salted egg fried chicken
  • Rice

Spring rolls are not the usual order we’d have on our family table, but we wanted to try for the sake of being a little out of the ordinary (for ourselves). They came out nice and hot, crisp from the deep frying of the skin. The filling was tasty, not overly salty. Lovely start to the meal for sure.

Spring Rolls

I was told that the sambal eggplant was lovely, and lovely it was to a tee! It started getting a little salty towards the end due to the sauce all seeping down to the base of the plate, but it is definitely a dish I would have again.

Sambal Eggplant

My favourite and personal highlight of the meal was the salted egg fried chicken. Having grown up on salted egg, I always find joy in dishes with salted egg anything. I have had salted egg prawns the most here in WA, but I think I’m willing to swap that with this salted egg chicken, which was cooked beautifully. The exterior was dry (not too gooey like how some salted egg dishes can be), crisp, but chicken maintaining its moisture.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

It is a little difficult to say much about the service because we were their first guests, but overall, the food here is lovely, and I would definitely be returning to try their other dishes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Serai Dining
Telephone: (08) 9418 7089
Address: 406 North Lake Road, Bibra Lake

Serai Dining on Urbanspoon

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