The Zenith, Leederville

The ZenithEager to try something different in the Asian culinary world in Perth, I referred to my good reference website Urbanspoon and found The Zenith, which received really good ratings. Itching for a good dinner out, I made a booking, and it was set for dinner.

Being a cold winter’s night, I was pleased when we entered the modernly furnished restaurant, which fitted their bill of contemporary Asian dining. As to whether that Asian dining would live to deliver, one would only find out after ordering some food.

The MenuWe decided on the following:

  • Scallops birds nest
  • Black pepper beef on sizzling hot plate
  • Japanese tofu with vegetables
  • Salt and chilli whitebait

The food presentation for the dishes were all very clean, and we were eager to dig into the order we had made. The first dish was the salt and chilli whitebait, which was also garnished with some peanuts and fried shallots. This dish was (un)fortunately the best dish of the night, with a nice crunch to the batter, and good balance between the salt and chilli. The peanuts were certainly a nice variation to typical salt and chilli dishes.

Salt & Chilli Whitebait

The japanese tofu with vegetables was an average dish, in fact, it was a little bland. Not a favourite for sure.

Japanese tofu with vegetables

The sizzing hot plate of black pepper beef was not too bad at all, and was pretty much the saviour of the night for ‘mains’.

Hot plate black pepper beef

The biggest disappointment for us was the scallops birds nest. What felt like frozen scallops that was cooked and placed in an overnight ‘birds nest’, this dish was almost a torture to finish because of the semi-stale taste of the seafood, and the very chewy (as opposed to crunchy) birds nest.

Scallops birds nest

Service at The Zenith wasn’t too bad, but really not good enough to bring them out of the abyss that was caused by the scallops birds nest.

With higher than average prices, we will definitely not be looking to visiting The Zenith again. That birds nest was a little bit too much of a boo-boo to ignore.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

The Zenith
Telephone: (08) 9443 8888
Address: 209 Oxford Street, Leederville

The Zenith - Contemporary Asian Food on Urbanspoon

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