Pimlott & Strand, North Perth

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After going in search for a little breakfast cafe that only hosted about one table (i.e. it wasn’t really a cafe – it was more like a takeaway joint), SC and AC told me to head to North Perth’s Pimlott & Strand.

Not being a local at North Perth, I had to rely on the trusty GPS to bring me to this swanky little place hidden in a row of shops along the main street of North Perth (Fitzgerald Street).

Upon arriving, I was pleased to see that this was one of those cafes that is combined with a store selling boutique foodie goodies. It was also a deli selling meats and cheese – Yum!

Meats & Cheese Fridge of Goodies

The menu had a concise number of breakfast items, so there wasn’t too much to deliberate on. We decided on the following:

  • Atlantic Brekkie (or at least this is what I recall it to be)
  • Classico Brekkie
  • Eggs Hamberg
  • Coffees
  • Brownie to finish off

LatteLong Black

The coffees were alright for me, my long black had a bit of a burnt taste, so I had to add some sugar to level the taste up.

Atlantic Brekkie?

The Atlantic Brekkie was presented very healthily with lots of green goodness, from pesto, to avocado, and then there was the smoked salmon. AC finished the whole plate pretty quickly so it must have tasted good.

Eggs Hamberg

The Eggs Hamberg that SC had looked delish from the moment it came on the table – really looked like the perfect hangover cure in my mind! From memory, the opinion of this dish was that it was “not bad”.

Classico  Brekkie

The Classico Brekkie was one word. Massive! I was hungry, but when I saw the plate, I thought to myself, “Daym! Can I finish that?” Turns out, no I couldn’t. This was a nice hearty brekkie, nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely good to have if you’re looking for something substantial to start the day.


We had a brownie to close our catch up session, and it was a good brownie. Mmmm. I’d have another one.

Service was good here at Pimlott & Strand. The things they had to offer as part of the ‘store’ element looked interesting and given another chance, I’d probably take the opportunity to buy something from their store.

Overall, an enjoyable experience at Pimlott & Strand, but I would probably be trying new places before returning here.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Pimlott & Strand
Telephone: (08) 9328 5002
Address: Unit 21/391 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

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