Fillaudeau’s, Caversham


Entertainment Book 2013/14: 25% off total bill (up to $50)

Having not gone to the Swan Valley in a while, the folks and I decided to swim through the entertainment book and find a place where we can relax and have a hopefully good meal.

Beautiful outdoor settingHaving browsed the book whilst I was driving, Mom offered up Fillaudeau’s – a name that neither she nor I could really pronounce properly. The winning factor here amongst the other available spots in the Valley was the sample dishes described within the entertainment book.

Nestled within the Pinelli Vineyard Estate, the restaurant is not difficult to find, especially those who love the aforementioned winery.

Lavender bushesHaving not gone to Pinelli for a long while, it was a lovely drive in, especially seeing the rustic and neatly designed Fillaudeau’s, just next to the cellar of Pinelli’s.

Walking along the lavender bush, I was really excited to try this place out. The lovely waiter saw us to our table and went through swiftly yet clearly, the specials for the day.

We decided to skip the specials, and went straight for the following dishes from the menu:

  • House made garlic bread
  • Free range confit duck leg, truffled mash potatoes, stuffed field mushroom, honey glazed carrots, rocket and shiraz jus
  • 4 hour braised free range Linley Valley pork belly and its crackling, thyme roasted butternut pumpkin, zucchini puree, crumbed honeycomb & port jus
  • Whole lemon sole fish pan-fried “a la granobloise” served with capers, sundried tomatoes & olive butter and croutons, steamed potatoes
  • Pinelli wines

garlic bread

The garlic bread came out smelling awesome, and you knew that it was fresh out of the oven because of the semi-burnt finger tips when you first lift the slice up for a bite. It looked simple but it was actually packed with a decent amount of flavour. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Confit Duck Leg

Mom had ordered the confit duck leg, and for the first time in a long long long time, she finished the plate without actually giving much of her food away. This can only mean one thing. The dish was brilliant! I had a bite (before she devoured it all) and the meat was cooked perfectly with its own fat, and there was the crispy skin which was the perfect topping to the dish. The truffled mash was awesome!

Sole Fish

Dad had the sole fish, and although it didn’t look as exciting as the duck when it was served, the taste made up for it all according to the master of fish-eating. I tried a piece, but having already tried the duck (and my own pork belly dish), I felt this couldn’t really compare.

Pork Belly

WinesI had the pork belly, and to my mind, this was the best dish in terms of its complexity, and and from an overall presentation. The taste is overall close to the duck, so I shall not compare these two dishes. The crackling was obviously the part I was looking forward to the most, and boy, what a sexy, crunchy ending! *beams*

Service was wonderful at Fillaudeau’s – the waiter(s) who served us were very patient and friendly.

Overall, a wonderful experience at Fillaudeau’s. I will definitely be coming back!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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