Caversham House, Caversham

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Caversham House#1The folks had arranged a lunch with some friends, and I was invited to join them. I was told to book a place for this get together, and Caversham House was next on my list of places to hit in the Valley.

As we arrived into Caversham House, I was in awe of the decor and the set up of this place. Primarily used as a function venue, there was plenty to be proud of as owners of this tranquil, beautiful place, which has obviously been set up for gorgeous events.

Caversham House#2Caversham House#3

From the tableAs we took our seats on our already reserved table, we were greeted by our waitress for the meal, and was handed our menus. During this time, we were asked if we wanted to try their house-made bread with olive oil and sundried tomato butter. We were all rather hungry so we agreed to having some for the table.

The bread was served nice and warm, with the sundried tomato butter the winner accompaniment to our starter. This definitely whet our appetites!

House made bread

Upon deliberating on the menu, we decided on the following items for our luncheon:

  • Mahogany Creek Chicken Press – stuffed with almond and apricot, crispy baked spinach polenta, corn puree, lime essence.
  • Linley Valley Pork Cutlet – Herb potato rosti, roasted pear basil salad, watercrest puree and mustard cream sauce
  • Special fish of the day – Oven baked ocean trout, wild rice salad, crispy broccoli avocado puree, lime segments, salmon caviar
  • Blackberry Torte
  • Lemon cake

The Mahogany Creek┬áchicken press had the simplest presentation but it was thoroughly enjoyed by JP who is a big fan of polenta. From a third person’s point of view, the chicken looked succulent and moist.

Confit chicken press

I had the Linley Valley pork cutlet, and I enjoyed it too! Loved the combination of all the elements, from the potato rosti, to the pear basil salad, to the meat itself, which was cooked so well, leaving all the juices within the cutlet. Very good piece of pork!

Linley Valley pork cutlet

The fish of the day was ordered by the remaining 3 people of the table, and seemed to be the least spoken about during the lunch. It was good, but I understand it wasn’t the greatest. A bit of a shame because it did look very appetising.

fish of the day

Lemon Cake

Blackberry TorteThe desserts we ordered were to share amongst us 5 people, and what a treat! The lemon cake, with its brandy snap, and parfait was nice, but it became all too rich towards the end. The blackberry torte, on the other hand, offered a nice balance of freshness from the berries, and the sweetness that one would need to end a meal.

Service was overall good, but they did forget a glass of wine that we had ordered and we had to remind them twice for it. That said, the wait staff were delightful and very friendly.

I’d come back to have that pork cutlet again, and would be willing to try some of their other desserts at hand. Overall an enjoyable meal at Caversham House.

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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