Ace Pizza, Highgate


It was time to catch up with the “twin bro”, DT – something that has been overdue for months! The two of us share the same birthday, share the same surname, were born in the same country, so not catching up for as long as we have was absolutely unacceptable!

I had been seeing facebook updates of people having really good food from Ace Pizza, and was very keen to try this joint out. No better way to catch up than having a pizza with the bro! Lovely.


By the time I had arrived, Ace Pizza was already rather packed, and there was such a good vibe in the restaurant. They had a funky theme running through the place, and it wasn’t before long that I was tucked into a little corner booth seat, waiting for DT to arrive.

Upon his arrival, we took some time to contemplate the menu, which had a good amount of variety, but not too much to confuse one when it was time to decide. We ended up ordering the following:

  • Cos, pancetta, crispy chicken skin, anchovy & egg salad ($17) – we ordered without anchovy, and this was to me an equivalent caesar’s salad except with a bonus of fried chicken skin!
  • The Amalfi – north west prawns, lemon, garlic, capers, san marzano tomato, mozzarella and basil ($23)
  • Fungo Magico – Mushroom, taleggio & thyme ($19)

Caesars Salad

The caesar’s salad came out with an overwhelming amount of cheese, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. Rather, never judge a salad by its cheesy cover. The salad was actually refreshing, and the cheese was not overpowering the overall flavour of the dish, which was what we were expecting. The chicken skins were definitely a sinful addition that was just oh-so-good. But after a while, it did become a little bit much.


Between the pizzas, I personally enjoyed the mushroom Fungo Magico more than the Amalfi simply because I loved the simplicity of the fungo magico in comparison to the amalfi.


Don’t get me wrong though, the Amalfi was a lovely pizza, but I personally felt it was a tad over-capered, and it was probably my own taste buds being different.

By the time we finished the pizzas, we were too full to try the dessert, but I definitely have my eyes set on the soft serve when I head back next!

The service at Ace Pizza was alright. We had a lovely host at the start and a lovely waiter when we were settling the bill. During the meal, we did have some trouble trying to get the attention of some of the wait staff for new bottles of water.

The noise levels within the establishment are also a tad above average when it is full, so it is probably not the most ideal place to have a serious conversation. A quick, simple, yummy meal is the way to go with Ace Pizza.

Rating: 3.35 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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