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So… We’re a duo (used to be a trio but Miss Anise has since retired!) of Electrical Engineers, working in Perth, Western Australia. We love our food and wine, and with so many little places that’s seemingly unknown to the public out there right here in this fast-developing state of Australia, we thought we’d share our dining experiences with you fine people.

NYE dinnerMiss Egg

From L to R: Miss LMiss Egg

N. Lam (Miss L)

She’s the one who’s been trying so many new places that she’s always got so many in her list of places to blog about!

Having never blogged before, she’s now become an expert and she’s really the brains of this little team because Miss L’s come up with some brilliant ideas to take this blog and its team to a different level. She is now our true resident blogger!

S. Tan (Miss Egg) 

She started her love for food since she was a young child, largely influenced by her grandmother and mother. She firmly believes that life is about living to eat, not eating to live. Food is a personal fascination and obsession that she is proud to own outside of the everyday engineering life she leads. She loves her beer, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and the occasional (okay maybe not that occasional) junk food, and is not ashamed to say “chips please” for a simple lunch option.


We eat. We taste. We smell. We occasionally scream. We smile/frown. We think. We feel. We write.


Because we love food, and we love to let others know of the great/crappy places in WA so that the joy and the love of food may be shared around!

Oh, and also because we can never write enough reports at work. :)


We head out either as a group, or individually (with our friends/family)… bringing our little digital cameras, and we take photos like a baby who’s seeing everything for the first time, or like a typical tourist who needs to snap memories of their experiences.

The photos then become triggers to our memory during our write-ups!


We don’t have a real strict timeline in which we have to put our posts up since we are all working full-time, and do have other personal obligations besides this blog. So when you do see a post on our blog, please take into consideration that we might have gone to that particular establishment some time before the actual blogging occurs. This means, the food quality might have dropped since our review, or it might have improved tremendously. For this, that’s where you all come in and help us out by commenting your own dining experiences with us! :)


Everywhere, really! Even when we go for holidays, we do try to snap pictures of the food we eat, and pending our enthusiasm and memory… we do give a little presentation of our dining experiences!

But of course, the heart and soul of this blog will belong to our beautiful city of Perth, and extensive state of WA.

Contact Us!

We are now contactable via:

Facebook Page


Email: perthfoodengineers@gmail(dot)com

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23 thoughts on “get to know us

  1. I am an actual food engineer here in Perth (!) and I was looking for professional networks for my work. Your website is, in fact, awesome and I will consult it regularly.


    • hey Milan,

      if u are a food engineer go try IL cammino restaurant at 44 Raleigh st, carlisle. its the best authentic Italian/french restaurant i’ve tried. lovely ambience too.


      • My girlfriend and I agree with you on all counts! It didn’t look like much walking into the place from the street, but once we were inside it was indeed cosy. Our starter was plain and simple garlic bread but the flavour and texture were simply fantastic. The oysters were OK, but not outstanding, a little disappointing given the starter. The two wines we had blew me away, especially given the price :o) and joy of joys, the white wine was served in a chilled glass!! The tiramisu was good as expected coming from a genuine Italian chef, and all in all the service was warm and friendly without being overbearing.
        Verdict: Its expensive but for a wonderful carefree evening away from everything, we really didn’t care! Thanks for the recommendation! ;-)

  2. Hey engineers,

    Just wanted to say what a nice website you have, seems like you have reviewed some great places. But yeah just noticed i am studying engineering and have passion about food.

    Dennis Foo

  3. hi,

    i am a manager of festive kitchen, i read your blog and i am very interesting. because you have been so many restaurant, and also your comment was so fair .

    now i am inviting you to visit our restaurant,we actually a new restaurant located on william st, so we are not that famous at the moment, we are providing a very traditional hong kong style, beacuse all of our staff were came from hong kong, they learned cooking in hong kong too.

    i know you love food, so if you come to our restaurant, you won’t be disapponited.
    please come to try,

    contact detail.. 9328 3899 or 0411084210.
    opening time. 11.30am-1.00am
    we opening for lunch, dinner and supper
    add.. 1/297 william st northbridge ( next to the DimSim cafe and Icey Ice)
    hope i can see you soon..

  4. Hi Mis L

    Re your review on Peninsula Tea Gardens, I am the lady who makes their cupcakes so thank you for your lovely words about them, I am very pleased you enjoyed the cupcakes.

    Designa Cookies

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your comment on the blog.
      Those are really nice cupcakes! Do you sell them somewhere normally or do you just make to supply cafes?

  5. I supply Peninsula Tea Gardens with their cupcakes and also direct to the customer which includes private and some corporate. I have a home baking business north of the river and usually deliver to my customers. The cupcakes are made to order and some of my other delish flavours are lemon meringue, red velvet, and a creamy light buttercream frosting. It is the best job, to put a smile on someone’s face, amazing isn’t it what a little cupcake can do!



    • That’s great Jane! :)
      Do you have a website? I wouldn’t mind checking it out.
      Baking is one of my hobbies! I understand what you mean about the smile on someone’s face when they like your food hehe

  6. Hello
    great to see a fresh food review site in Perth.
    I am a touch jaded and harsh having spent many years in catering and being from London and being considerably older than you guys, so feel free to ignore me if I bring the jolly tone of your reviews down with my own rantings. I may be harsh but I am fair.

    My favourite Asian restaurants in Perth are Emmas’ Seafood in East Vic Park, Viet Nosh in Nedlands and the Ipoh Garden in Applecross.

    Keep up the good work

    Suzy Wong

    • Hi Suzy!

      On behalf of the other girls, thank you for dropping by and for your comments. :) We value other diners’ comments, and with your experience I’m sure we only stand to gain. :)

      Please do continue to drop by, and let us know if there are any places you think are worth a visit for us three!

      Once again, thanks and we look forward to hearing more from you!

      Best food&drink wishes,
      Miss Egg :)

  7. great blog! awesome descriptions! I believe that three of you found that food brought all of you together. a new great collision for culinary and engineer expert to come out this blog. it would be interesting if a new restaurant in mt. lawley,named monggo restaurant will get a review from all of you. this is a simple invitation to try our food and give us a feedback, cause we love feedback.
    the restaurant is a simple indonesian restaurant with a great approaching, not as complicated of calculus in head but its pretty as matrices arranged…
    it would be our pleasure to have you in Monggo restaurant.

    thanks _chef D

  8. Hi,
    I’m Lidya, a food blogger from Indonesia, accidentally i found this lovely blog. I’ll be coming to WA next week, and it really help me to decide what resto i should try during my trip :)

  9. A note about an old post of yours – Pellegrini’s in Melbourne – it is an institution! Not sure why someone recommended the cheese toast to you. But melburnians come here for the handmade pasta – made by the Italian nonas out the back! Be sure to give it another go if you’re back there again.

  10. Hi there

    I’m working for a restaurant in perth right now as a kitchen hand, because i have always had a passion for food. It’s called nunam thai, at 223 bulwer st, northbridge in perth. I went to this restaurant on my first day of perth and have not have any thai fusion food that is as good as this place. However, when i started working here, i realized that it is not always busy and i feel that it’s killing the restaurant even though it has such a good ambience coupled with really great food. Could you drop by as a customer some day and give me an opinion on why things are not working as well as they should. Thanks in advance!


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