Architects and Heroes, Subiaco


Architects and Heroes located on Rokeby Road is an extremely popular breakfast/brunch joint judging from the 45 minutes wait for a two seater one Saturday morning my sister and I ventured to Subiaco to check the cafe out. The place was packed! Pictures of the dishes from Architects and Heroes have been flooding social media and they looked so good! Come and eat me, they said! Here we are *wave* :)

The cafe is sleek and trendy and I loved the buzz!

Inside A&H

We ordered a Watermelon Juice ($5) and Mocha ($4.90) to start. I was most excited about the Mocha (and ordered that instead of my usual Long Mac) as A&H uses Bahen & Co and Callebaut chocolate, a 70% organic Madagascan dark chocolate and Belgian milk chocolate, specially developed blend which has lively citrus notes with a rum and raisin flavor and smooth, dry cocoa nib finish . Yum! Love cafes that use special chocolate in their hot chocolates/mocha! I’ll come back just for this!

Watermelon juice A&H Mocha

Not only was the drinks menu great, the food menu looked good too! We had the following:

  • Beetroot cured salmon, avocado salsa, horseradish creme and scrambled eggs ($18) – loved the avocado salsa that the cured salmon sat on as it brought a freshness to the dish, plus I love anything with avocado in it, my new favorite fruit (or veg? :P). The cured salmon was tainted with beetroot juice which gave it a nice vibrant color. Wished there were more of the toast and scrambled eggs though! I would order this again, I love my scrambled eggs!

Beetroot cured salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado salsa

  • Slow cooked pork belly crepe, herb salad, peanuts and pickled cucumber ($24) – a very special dish, I have not eaten something quite like this before for breakfast. A fancy Asian affair! I would have preferred the pork belly to have a crispy skin (that would have been perfect!) but it was overlooked as I thought the dish was so clever and different!

Slow cooked pork belly crepe Slow cooked pork belly crepe

Needless to say, I was impressed with the cafe after our meal! It was worth the 45 minutes wait! Just the vibe surrounding the cafe was awesome! I have to check out the coffee proper as I read they do some mean artisan coffees!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Willie Wagtail, Perth

Willie WagtailWebsite: Willie Wagtail is located on William Street, right across the 140 Perth building, where Jamie Italian’s restaurant is located. I was here this morning to check out the Coffee Demos that are run by Willie Wagtail every Saturday at 11am and 1pm during the Eat Drink Perth month. Thanking my lucky star, the topic was on Latte Art, a skill I find so fascinating but so hard to master!

As I arrived earlier waiting for the 11am slot, I went around about the cafe, happily snapping away and found myself ordering a light lunch to consume :p The food on the counter looked too appealing and tempting! Since I was at it, I ordered a coffee too! That’s the main reason why I was here anyway in the first place! Checking out the coffee!

Seating is limited inside the cafe but there are a number of tables outside in the laneway and out the back with crates. Simple but effective.

Seating area Seating areaCounterFood counterMenu

My lunch of Spiced Pumpkin Soup with buttered baguette ($7) and Long Mac ($4).

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

The Spiced Pumpking Soup was one of the best soup I’d tasted! I loved it, it was creamy, buttery and flavorsome, I almost ordered another one but saved my stomach for the Good Girl toastie, another favorite which I took home after the demo! I especially loved the toasty baguette that came with it. They complemented the soup wonderfully.

Long Mac

Willie Wagtail served a great cup of coffee too! I have to come back again soon!

Coffee machine

11am came by and we were given a demonstration by the lovely barista, a comprehensive educational session on Latte Art. From how the milk is to be steamed, aired, foamed, split to the angle the cup should be held during the pour, it was so fascinating!

Latte Art demo Latte Art demo

It came then the time for us to try it out ourselves! I have attempted it before and failed miserably, so I was quite happy I got a mini blob/heart/leaf? (photo below on the RHS). Consolation to myself :p

Trialing Latte Art My Latte Art

A competition was held after for the best ‘heart’ coffee! Needless to say I didn’t win :p but I had such a fun time! I was so glad I decided to come to the session.

This coming Saturday will be the last Saturday for the coffee demos at Willie Wagtail! This week’s topic will be on the Mocca Master, filter coffee baby! Mark this down all the coffee lovers out there!

Another positive I wanted to mention about Willie Wagtail is the service! Friendly and cheerful, I was greeted with numerous smiles as soon as I walked into the cafe. I felt so welcomed! Great find!

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Urban Bowl, Perth

Urban BowlsWebsite:

Good Morning Vietnam! As part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, Urban Bowl is introducing two traditional Vietnamese breakfasts to us Perthians, with one of the dish served on a sizzling plate!

Urban Bowl is located on Sherwood Court, off St Georges Terrace right next to the Exchange Plaza. Known for its fresh and clean Vietnamese food with a twist, I have been a frequent visitor of past to get my hands on their delicious rice paper rolls and Vietnamese salads. This time round I was keen to check out the two breakfast dishes created by Urban Bowl especially for Eat Drink Perth!

3 2

What are these two dishes you ask? They are the Bo Ne (lemon pepper steak with fried egg) and the Bo Kho (herby beef stew with a 62 degree egg). Both served with a toasty baguette and an iced Vietnamese coffee for $20!

The breakfast dishes!

My sister and I ordered one of the breakfast dishes each so that we can have a taste of both. She preferred a Mocha instead of the Iced Vietnamese coffee as it was quite cold in the morning. Her request was gladly obliged. I was happy with the Iced Vietnamese coffee, bring it on I say :)

A note that Urban Bowl serves a wide range of coffee and tea (Urban Cup) for all the working people out there. I saw quite a number getting their takeaway cuppa that morning!

Mocha and iced Vietnamese coffee

And now for the main dishes…

Bo Kho (herby beef stew with a 62 degree egg) – this was one saucy dish with tender beef chunks and carrot pieces. It was one hand baguette and the other sauce dipping and beef piling. It was great! The 62 degree egg added some gooey goodness to the dish while the lime juice a lovely twang, so squeeze it hard, you won’t regret it! The dish was actually too big for me so I took some home and found that it tasted even better after it had been soaking in the lime juice! Love this!

Bo Kho

Bo Ne (lemon pepper steak with a fried egg) – this was my sister’s dish and she enjoyed it. I just love how it came out on a sizzling plate, it felt so much grander! I had a taste of the steak and found it quite tender. Steak for breakfast, who is up for it?!

Bo Ne

The Iced Vietnamese coffee tp me was not authentic to the traditional Vietnamese sense, there was a big scoop of ice cream in it! But I’m not complaining. It was a great iced coffee, without the ‘Vietnamese’ tag to it.Iced Coffee

Good Morning Vietnam was a great experience overall, the staff were very courteous and friendly as how they normally are the last few times I’d been. I’ve always like to try something different and this breakfast is definitely not what you will get else where!

The Good Morning Vietnam specials are available throughout Eat Drink Perth, Monday to Friday between 7am – 11am. Check it out if you are in the vicinity!
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Aliment, Leederville

AlimentI accidentally stumbled upon Aliment as I was heading towards Hylin for brunch one Saturday morning. As usual, Hylin was very busy and there was a long queue for table. My BFF actually managed to to get a table for us when she arrived but as my friend and I were late, she had to give it up as she brought her toddler and baby along with her and they were a bit unsettled and wanted a walk. My bad! I suggested for us to head over to Aliment which caught my attention just prior and seemed spacious enough to accommodate the kids. Turned out I was right!

Aliment is located just a few doors from Hylin and has both an indoor seating and a big alfresco seating area. We sat outside initially but due to the high winds, we moved inside not long after. Didn’t want the kids to get cold! The staff was very accommodating. Thanks!


I ordered a freshly squeezed Orange Juice ($5.50) to start and later on a Long Macchiato ($4) to finish the meal. The OJ was very refreshing. Loved it!

OJ Long Mac

Our attention turned to the menu, there were a few interesting items on there – it took us awhile to decide what we wanted! Aliment has “Specials for the day” on top of their normal menu, there were the Banana split pancakes, the Zucchini & Pumpkin fritters and Pulled pork & potato rosti! So many choices but only one stomach each! We ended up having the following:

  • Silverside hash ($15) – My order and I liked it! It was a hearty dish, crunchy hash brown (yum!), thin slices of silverside topped with runny poached eggs and a creamy bearnaise sauce. My type of dish. There were a few pieces of kale scattered on the dish to balance out all the creaminess and meat! They tried!

Silverside hash Silverside hash

  • Corn fritters ($18) – rockets, tomatoes, bacon and poached eggs. This was my BFF’s order and she liked it as well. The components in the dish looked like they were char-grilled.

Corn fritters Corn fritters

  • Pulled pork & potato rosti ($19) – this was from the “Specials for the day” and we ordered this for our friend as she was running late. She requested for something meaty as she loved her meat and this was right up her alley, house pulled pork, grilled bacon, kale, potato rosti with bearnaise sauce & poached eggs. I had a taste of the pulled pork and it was amazing! Very flavorsome! I almost wished I ordered this instead! I helped her finished nearly a quarter of it :p

Pulled pork & potato rosti 5a

All in all, this was a great find on Railway Parade, the food were hearty and delicious, and the staff was very attentive and accommodating. Great place for family with kids as well. Just a note that food could take awhile to come so this is not a place for a quick in and out breakfast/brunch/lunch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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May Street Larder, East Fremantle

May Street LarderWebsite:

From the creators of Bib and Tucker is born May Street Larder, located on the corner of Canning Highway and May Street in East Fremantle. The PFEs were privileged to be invited a couple of weeks ago to a sneak peak of this food venture by former Olympian swimmer Eamon Sullivan and chef Scott Bridger before the doors opened to the public.

The first impression I had was how bright and spacious the cafe is. The sun was streaming in through the glass windows framing one side of the cafe. Very natural. The decor is stylish, modern and clean. I like it!

Inside May Street Larder Inside May Street LarderInside May Street Larder Inside May Street Larder

Drinks were offered upon arrival, and I was particularly interested with the juices supplied by the Juicist, a favorite of mine. Yes to a glass of lime, mint and ginger drink, super healthy!

The Juicist Drinks

We were then given the lowdown on May Street Larder by none other than Eamon Sullivan himself, who spoke with passion on this new venture with Scott Bridger and how it was birth, from a desire to branch out and try new culinary techniques to setting up this second kitchen for meat curing and preserving, pickling and fermenting their own stuff!

May Street Larder cooks with local WA produce with a focus on seasonal foods and is open for breakfast and lunch, with an ever-changing menu. Think seasonal salads, raw treats, cooked meats, rustic pastries etc prepared daily! Nice!

Speech by Eamon Sullivan

A selection of food items we can look forward to at May Street Larder was served right after the speech. Thanking my lucky stars!

Launch Party menu sampler The food line up!

The food was lined up on the bench counter and we were able to select the food that we wanted to sample, mess hall style. Here are the line ups!

  • Rosemary + roasted garlic foccacia / Organic purple wheat sourdough

Foccacia and sourdough

  • Wood smoked eggplant, charred courgette, smoked yoghurt and savory granola

Wood smoked eggplant

  • Freekeh, roasted + pickled pumpking, herbs, pomegranate + pepitas

Freekah and pumpkin

  • Shaved pear, fennel + radicchio salad

Shaved pear, fennel + radicchio salad

  • Kale, sorrel, tea soaked raisins + saffron vinaigrette

Kale, sorrel, tea soaked raisins

  • Confit of ocean trout

Ocean trout

  • Slow smoked beef brisket

Beef brisket

  • Crispy skin pork belly, wood fired witlof + star anise blood plum

Pork belly 4h

And all these ended up on my plate!

My plate of food

I regretted picking the food all at once rather than going back for seconds as the flavors clashed with one another on the plate. Not to worry though as May Street Larder will not be serving the food in this manner normally. Phew! Having said that, the food tasted great consumed individually! I especially loved the ocean trout and crispy pork belly. The variety of salads was interesting too!

One thing I look forward to after each meal is the dessert! May Street Larder offers a 100% vegan soft serve CocoWhip consisting of coconut water + probiotic which sounded very interesting. Topping includes goji berry, cacao nips and their own home made granola.

CocoWhip special toppings CocoWhip

The CocoWhip tasted very refreshing with limited amount sugar, almost like a sorbet but creamier. I could eat this all day! I couldn’t get use to the toppings however as they didn’t have the sweet flavors I was craving. Maybe I’m not such a health foodie after all! The coffee I ordered was great!


A larder is defined as a room, large cupboard or pantry storing food or a supply of food. True to the name of the cafe, May Street Larder also stocks their own homemade jams, pickles and honey. Check them out!

Larder style deli

Thanks to May Street Larder and Caitlin for the invite to the launch party. I had heaps of fun! I will definitely be back to check out the breakfast menu. The fried chicken with polenta waffles, avocado and chili maple I spied on facebook sounds divine!

Narration: Miss L
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Sprolo, South Perth


Sprolo, located on Canning Highway had been a highly talked about cafe since its opening last year. I was most excited by the offering of the traditional Singaporean breakfast with kaya and sous vide eggs on the menu! That is one of my dream breakfast, Asian style! It has been quite rare to find this type of food in Perth but not so nowadays as the food scene has become more and more sophisticated!

Sprolo was the perfect place to meet up with my BFF and her family as she loves her traditional Asian breakfast too! We managed to find seating at the front corner where the lounge area is on the busy Saturday morning breakfast buzz.

Inside Sprolo Inside Sprolo

For drinks, my BFF’s hubby decided on the Cold Brew with sparkling water ($4.50) – LHS in the picture below. I was tempted to get that too but decided on a Cappuccino ($4.20) instead. I didn’t think he liked the Cold Brew much, I was happy that I stuck with the normal coffee. My coffee was great! :p

Cold Brew coffee and Elderberry Juice Cappucino

The food! That was the main purpose for me coming here! Ordering the Traditional Singaporean ($12) was a definite. It consisted of sous vide eggs, sourdough and house made kaya. My BFF’s hubby ordered the same!

Traditional Singaporean Sauce and pepper for the table!

I loved the dish especially the home-made kaya and the Peppe Saya butter. I just wished there were more of them! I am not sure whether I’m biased with a “branded” butter but the Peppe Saya butter tasted unusually good, velvety and smooth. Would definitely order this again, maybe with an additional portion of sourdough.

The BFF ordered the Coconut Chia Pudding ($9.50) for herself and a Toastie for her toddler. The Coconut Chia Pudding looked great with raspberry coulis, toasted coconut and lychee. The coconut and lychee were the winning factors!

Coconut chia pudding Toastie

I was not feeling particularly full after the breakfast and decided to get some desserts to share. There are a selection of cakes, slices, tarts, cookies, doughnuts on offer, displayed in the front cabinet and counter. We went for the following:

  • Melting Moment

Melting moment

  • Apple and rum cake, salted caramel and pecan praline (gluten free)

Apple and rum cake

  • Chocolate rose and raspberry cake (gluten free)

Chocolate rose and raspberry cake

From memory, the cake slices were about $7.50 each. They were dense and were very filling! My favorite was the apple and rum cake as I loved the nuts and salted caramel. So sweet but so good! My BFF liked the chocolate rose and raspberry cake more. Turned out good as we both went for the one we liked :p I would love to try the Portuguese Egg Tart next. I was too full to even think about ordering it!

Overall, we had a great breakfast at Sprolo. The menu was quite simple but adequate. The sweets offering are awesome. Service was warm and friendly! Great addition to this area of Canning Highway!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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2 Cafe, Darlington

2 CafeWebsite:

The PFEs received an invitation recently from the new owner of 2 Cafe to check out the cafe which is situated on Montrose Avenue in Darlington. Darlington is located on the escarpment of the Darling Fault, part of the Perth Hills within the Shire of Mundaring. It is about a 35 minutes drive from the city of Perth which is not too far away. I have never been to Darlington before so I thought visiting the cafe would be a good chance to see the area and also to help bring some exposure to cafes that are hidden in the ‘burbs (more like the hills in this instance). We were offered a $20 credit to offset our food and drinks purchase at the cafe which was great.

The boy was in Perth for a visit and was happy to be dragged along my foodie adventure. We made our way in the morning, the day was forecasted to be 39degC and it was already 30degC when we left the house at 930am. I was hoping it wouldn’t get much hotter!

It was quite easy to find 2 Cafe as it is located next to the busy Darlington Road. Climb a flight of stairs and there is 2 Cafe, next to a dental centre. The cafe is small in size and has a cosy interior. More importantly, it was cooling inside despite the heat outside. Big tick! Seating is also available on the verandah for those with pets or for those who enjoy the heat!

Inside 2 Cafe2c  Inside 2 Cafe

2 Cafe

We ordered an Avocado Milkshake ($7) and Beetroot & Carrot Juice ($5.50) from their Special Drinks board to start. The Avocado Milkshake was milky and had small chunks of avocado through it. Nice!

Avocado milkshake and Beetroot&Carrot Juice

There were a variety of dishes to choose from the menu which is predominantly British style type of food. Click here to check out the menu. We had the following:

  • Seafood Catch ($12) – open sandwich topped with surimi, crab meat and tuna mixed with a homemade rich and creamy special sauce and spices served with a side garden salad.

Seafood catch Seafood catch

  • Popeye’s Favorite ($16) – spinach and diced fetta cheese omelette with toasted bread, crispy bacon, sliced avocados and leafy mixed greens.

Popeye's Favorite Popeye's Favorite

The meals were simple and wholesome and surprisingly filling for me. I had the Seafood Catch sandwich. Chatting to the new owner, we were informed that they have expanded the menu since taking over the cafe, however keeping the food simple as they do not have a commercial kitchen yet. Great effort on their part!

I ordered a coffee as my “dessert” and it came out looking pretty, nice latte art! The coffee was good.

Flat white

We were generously given a complimentary Lime Tart to take home as the best sellers at the cafe are the cakes, especially the gluten-free varieties, sourced and made by the locals from Darlington. The Lime Tart was beautiful!

Lime TartCakes! Cakes!

I also found some doggie treats at the counter for 50c each. Time to treat your best friend! I bought a couple for my parent’s dogs. They would be so happy!

Doggie treats Doggie treats

Thanks to 2 Cafe for the invitation. We had a lovely time and it was great to discover this cafe in Darlington. A nice little cafe to drop in if you are ever out in Darlington for a walk, bicycle ride or driving through the Perth Hills. The Avonlea Farm Riding and Lesmurdie Falls are not far away either!

SPECIAL OFFER: 2 Cafe has kindly offered the PFEs blog readers a discount of “Get $5 off for spend above $30” valid from now until 29th February 2015. All you  need to do is mention the code “Perth Food Engineers” at the cashier when you are making payment to be entitled to the discount. Do let me know what you think after your visit!

Narration: Miss L
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