1907 Restaurant, Perth

Inside the restaurantWebsite: http://www.1907.com.au/#!restaurant-home/c16gx

1907 Restaurant, located on Queen Street has been a long standing fine dining restaurant in the Perth scene. I have yet to dine here until a few months ago when we were alerted to a special “Sipping & Dining” event presented by the restaurant and JING tea. The event was held at the restaurant’s opulent dining room with four specially created courses featuring dishes infused with tea led by Head Chef Alan Desouza, and selected specific teas from the JING selection to match each course. How special! Since then we had been back to check out the Petit Degustation as we were quite impressed! Let’s talk about the Petit Degustation first! I will include photos of the “Sipping & Dining” event right after!

The Petit Degustation consists of 9 courses for $96pp and an extra $64 for pairing of wine. Not being a real wine drinker, we opted for the food only version. We were served complimentary bread for starters which were a delight to my hungry stomach!

Starter - bread

The Hors-d’oeuvre came not long after, goat cheese macaron, octopus salad and potato crisps. Although not a big fan of goat cheese, I gobbled the macaron up as it was too good to leave on the plate!


We then had an entree of Pork belly, apple, scallops and pinenuts. Each ingredient was was true to the menu, petite in size. Quite charming!

Pork belly, apple, scallops & pinenuts

Next came the Signature interlude, the creamy English Spinach soup with polenta, fennel and crispy sage. A few food bloggers had raved on about this and I can understand why now. It was flavorsome and creamy, and warmed the stomach. I did wish for a bigger bowl after finishing mine up.

Creamy English Spinach soup

The two ‘main’ dishes for the night were the Seafood assiette, lemongrass, spinach and brioche, and the Duck breast, beetroot, lavender, sumac. The Seafood assiette was my favorite savory dish. The broth was so tasty, and the seafood was fresh. Love!

Seafood assiette Duck breast

The lemon meringue was served as the entremet sucre . Nearly dessert time!

Lemon meringue Lemon meringue

The first dessert course was the 1907 chocolate plate! An art on a plate I say. It was so pretty and not too heavy with the citrus fruits cutting through the sweetness. Nice!

1907 chocolate plate

Next came the Sweet corn, tarragon and buttermilk. This was probably my favorite dessert as there are so many varieties and textures on this dish which were a delight to the tongue. And yes, that is a strip of bacon on the dessert!

Sweet corn, tarragon and buttermilk

We finished off with a Petit four baklava and panna cotta, and coffee and tea.

Petit four, coffee and tea

Even though it is called a Petit degustation, we were very full at the end of the meal. The Petit degustation did not disappoint, we enjoyed it tremendously. I love how everything was presented! The staff were attentive and professional! We were well looked after. Great night out!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.
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And now for the “Sipping & Dining” event. The menu was less extensive than the usual for $85pp but the various teas that came with the dishes were quite special! It was such a great experience!

Course 1
Iced white Peony White Tea served with
Tea smoked salmon, avruga caviar, creme fraiche
Goat cheese & tarragon macaron
Tea consomme

Iced white peony white tea Iced white peony white tea Tea smoked salmon, goat cheese & tea consomme


Course 2
Lemon Verbena Infusion (my favorite tea for the night!) with
Chilean seabass, sweet potato, lemon beurre blanc (also my favorite dish of the night!)

Lemon verbena infusion Chilean seabass, sweet potato, lemon beurre blanc

Course 3
Organic Bohea Lapsang with
Smoked duck breast, fennel, tea custard, madeira jus

Organic Bohea Lapsang Smoked duck breast

Course 4
Blackcurrant & hibiscus Infusion with
Dark chocolate, white chocolate foam, milk chocolate & white chocolate icecream

Blackcurrant & hibiscus infusion Dark chocolate, white chocolate foam, mlik choc & white chocolate ice cream

Atrium, Crown

Website: http://www.crownperth.com.au/restaurants/premium/atrium-buffet/about

Hallway to the AtriumThe PFEs were invited to dine at the Atrium Buffet [All-You-Can-Eat] Restaurant within the Crown Perth Complex recently and I happily obliged, not having visited the Atrium since it’s refurbishment a few years back. I had been a number of times previously while it was still under the management of Burswood Complex and had tried their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. I had stopped going previously, and to be honest it was because I thought the food selections were getting a bit boring.  I was interested this time to see whether any changes have been made!

I headed there on a Sunday night without making any booking thinking that it would not be very busy. Alas for me, I forgot it was the long weekend. Alas for me, it was fully booked and the next available table was 35 minutes away. Luckily the Crown has a really nice lounge area for this reason (maybe!), and with a live pianist in the background as entertainment, it was a pleasant wait.

At precisely the time told to us, we made our way back to Atrium Buffet and was promptly shown our table. The staff then explained the setup of the buffet to us with sections for soup, cold platter, seafood, Western, Eastern and dessert. I was only half listening as I was too excited to get straight into the food, plus I was extra hungry from the lounging around and couldn’t wait any longer! Time to explore! This was our empty table when we arrived..not for long though :p

Empty table but not for long!

There were a huge selection of food and I had tried to take as many photos as possible for this post! The food stations will be presented in chronological order of my food sampling. I can’t help it, I’m an engineer, sequencing and order are my forte! :p

The Soup Station with a variety of Bread Selection – something warm for the cold winter night (ok it was not that cold in the restaurant but a little bit of dramatization spices up the post yeah? haha) There were two selections, the Cream of Vegetable Soup and the Wanton Soup. As a lover of soups, I couldn’t resist but to try them both!

Soup Station!Cream of VegetablesWanton Soup

The were both equally lovely! One with a creamy consistency that warms the heart while the other a clear broth with a juicy wanton. Glad I ended up trying both!

Next up was the Cold Platter Section – I couldn’t go past the alluring cold cut meats and cheese, and the enticing pretzels hanging on the stand!

Cold Platters stationCheeseboard with brie, gouda, blue and cheddar Assorted cold cut meats Assorted cold cut meats

My plate of antipasto! Yum! I forgot about the Pretzel in lieu for the Biscuit Stick!

My plate of antipasto

The Seafood Station was next on the radar – The Oyster Bar with condiments, Chilled prawns and Sashimi / Sushi Bar were calling out to me!

Oyster BarChilled Prawns Chilled Prawns

I had two rounds of these babies – the Prawns tasted best with the creamy thousand island dressing and the Oysters with lemon and tabasco sauce!

I headed for the Western Corner next – the Carving/Rotisserie. The Chef was faithfully carving the roasts for us! Thank you!

Hard at work!

There were Roast Pork, Bratwurst Sausage, Sauerkraut and Yorkshire pudding! with various condiments – your mustard, cranberry, apple, mint jelly and horseradish. A very fun station!

Roast pork + Yorkshire pudding Sauerkraut

Bratwurst sausage Condiments

Back at the table, the below is my new invention of Bratwurst sausage in a Yorkshire pudding with gravy and topped with Sauerkraut! It was delicious!

My special Combo!

Other hot dishes in the Western Corner included the Honey Glazed Carrots, Roast Pumpkin, Peri-peri Chicken and many more!

CarrotsPumpkins Peri peri chicken

A favorite was this Moussaka – a layered eggplant and minced meat dish topped with a Bechamel sauce and cheese. Heart warming!


To round off the Western Corner, there was a live Pasta Station where pasta is cooked to order. There was a choice of pasta with either tomato or cream sauce and with any ingredients found on the table. I chose the cream sauce with bacon and onions! So typical! :p

Ingredients for the pasta - pick and choose Cooked to order

The serving was quite big even though I had asked for a small. It was very filling!

Pasta with cream sauce

The last section to explore was the Asian Corner! There was the Roast Duck and BBQ Pork

Asian Corner - Hi Chef!BBQ Pork Roast Duck

I had been told of being able to make a Peking Duck pancake by a friend before. I saw only the wrap but not the duck skin, maybe I was meant to use the meat from the Roast Duck? I was not too sure so didn’t end up having any.

The Dim Sum Station

Dimsum stationAssorted dimsumMy favorite of all time – the Glutinous Rice! This had a sweet meat filling to it which was different but nice.

Glutinous rice

The Asian Wok Station with selections such as Braised Vegetables and Fried Noodles!

Braised Vegetables Fried Kway Teow Fried Noodles

Not to forget the Curry Corner with Hot & Sour King Prawns, Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken, Fish Curry, Chickpea Curry and Briyani Rice to name a few!

Hot & Sour King Prawns Lemongrass Chicken Fish Curry Chickpea Curry Briyani Rice

Have you ever wanted to stuff yourself silly full of Pappadams and Rotis in Indian Restaurants but are not able to because they are quite expensive to order alot of. Well you won’t have this problem here as they are up for grabs, all you can eat!

Pappadams Rotis

And this concludes the food section of the Atrium Buffet! Phew what a long list! But wait there’s more! My favorite part of the dining experience…the DESSERTS!

I was most impressed with the Dessert Station when I first walked in but had to refrain myself as the house policy goes, mains before dessert! (Refrain yourself Miss L, you are a grown up now!) There were a huge selection to choose from – I was so happy just looking at them!

There was an Ice Cream Bar and a sample of a Cold Rock Ice Cream on display! [Cold rock = choose whatever ingredients you want and smash it into the ice-cream!] It looked so lovely!

Cold Rock Ice Cream

I opted for the normal ice cream though as I spotted something I haven’t tried before! A dark chocolate sorbet! It tasted really yum, still creamy but a sorbet? Does that mean it has less fat and I can consume double amount of it? Sounds awesome to me!

Ice cream selection Dark Chocolate Sorbet!

Having finished the ice cream, it was time for second rounds and I was still spoiled for choices! There were the walnut tartlets, waffles, Asian dessert (kuih dadar), cupcakes, banana bread and a sad looking chocolate fondue – it was the end of night, I don’t blame them. I wondered what happened to the Chocolate Fountain?!

Walnut tartlets Waffles Asian desserts Chocolate fondue Ingredients for fondue

There were also an assortment of individual desserts which look very attractive and appetizing!

Chocolate cake 11h TiramisuCreme Caramel Coconut pannacota Pistachio slice Chocolate mousse

To say I was full was an understatement that night. I was rolling out the door by the end of it and had to walk around the Crown Complex a few times to aid my digestion!

All in all, I had an excellent time at the buffet.  With its contemporary furnishings and a gorgeous looking buffet, it was a great improvement to its previous life under the Burswood complex. It is now considered one of the better buffet in Perth in my opinion!

My favorites for the night were the Soup Stations, the Cold Platters, the Western Roasts and Desserts! Delicious and mouth watering! I liked how the food were being refreshed regularly especially with the Seafood and Sashimi Stations due to its popularity. I also liked the live cooking stations where some dishes were made fresh from the Chef’s pan to my plate!

My least favorites would be the Asian Roasts and Wok Station. The Roast Duck and BBQ Pork as well as the Fried Noodles looked dry and unappetizing. They didn’t warrant a taste that night. I was saving stomach space for what I thought would be the tastier food.

How much would it cost you? Dinner on a Sunday night will set you back $75 for an adult ($37.50 for kids 4 – 12yos). A 25% discount can be obtained if you have an entertainment card up to a value of $55. The complete list of pricing for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on different days of the week can be found on the link below:


A great place to dine for large group as there is a cuisine to suit all! I noticed quite a number of birthday celebrations amongst the diners that night!

Thank you to FIRST and Crown Perth for the invite!

Narration: Miss L
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Chefz Table, East Perth

Website: http://www.chefztable.com.au/

Entertainment Book 13/14: 25% off total bill (up to $50)

Chefz Table Set UpMiss Anise and I usually had a pact to bring each other to a nice place for dinner in celebration of our birthdays. This year, she turned a notch up by organising a dinner at Chefz Table, which I have seen rave reviews on TV, and also on Urbanspoon. Needless to say, I was excited!

The concept is simple. You give the chef a list of ingredients that you’d like to have in your meal, and the chef will create a menu (it starts from 4-course all the way to even 10+ courses!). At the start and in the middle, you’d get an amuse bouche and the palate cleanser too.

The awesome red wineUpon arriving, we were promptly brought to our seat, with a nice view out into the sunset. Our wine order was taken – which was for the evening, a glass of red wine, from South Africa. I am regretting not writing the name of the wine down because we were both blown away by how good the wine was! Light, fruity, and complemented our food so well, we were delighted that we decided that wine over the Pinot Noir that was on the shortlist.

So, before I go into the dinner itself, the list of ingredients I had chosen included:

  • Celery
  • Beef
  • Smoked salmon
  • Beetroot
  • Ginger/Lemongrass
  • Blueberries/strawberries/lemons
  • Marron (prompted by Chefz Table themselves)
  • Mushrooms
  • Almonds/hazelnut
  • Rocket/Roquette

Fresh breadWe were first served with some bread, and home made butter. Served at such a lovely warm temperature, the butter simply melted right into the bun, and made for such a beautiful start to the evening. Nothing better than some home baked bread and home made butter.

Home made butter

The amuse bouche for the evening was a Tomato Lamington. It looked all springy but when you placed the little cube into the mouth, a burst of flavours came through the foamy soft texture of the ‘lamington’. That said, this was actually the least favoured dish of the evening.

Tomato Lamington

We then had Smoked Salmon Mousse, Smoked Salmon Salad, Lemon Curd, Balsamic Foam. Already we were seeing such a delightful amount the ingredients in our list in this dish! It was also awesome with the wild rice giving it a variance to the overall texture of the dish.

Smoked Salmon

We had not included cod cheeks in the list, but Chefz Table sought our thoughts on this, and we thought, “why not?”. So this dish was Cod Cheeks, Marron & Confit Garlic, Rocquette Soup, Duck Ham, Almonds. This was probably my favourite for the evening. Contrary to what I thought, the cod cheeks actually had a texture like chicken, and with the garlic, rocquette soup, ham and almonds, this was an aromatic dish filled with loads of good stuff! Yummo.

cod cheeks

Our cleanser for the evening was a Watermelon & Mint Sorbet (with a hint of cinnamon). Very refreshing with the mint, I wanted more than just the scoop we had!

palate cleanser

Our mains were next, which was Lamb Topside, king Oyster and Potato Ragout. This was the only ingredient we had that was different to the list we had, but what a beautifully cooked lamb it was. The mushroom element was further accentuated by a powder that was sprinkled on the lamb, giving it an additional oomph to the overall flavour of the dish. I personally loved the potato ragout and thought it went beautifully with the meat.


Dessert was the biggest surprise for us. Hazelnut Cake, Strawberry Textures, Lemongrass. The first surprise was lemongrass in a dessert, but the real surprise was that there were celery bits in the dessert! These bits were soaked in strawberry flavour, and it was just wonderful having that additional crunch. This dessert was so good I forgot to snap a photo! But mark my words when I say it was absolutely delightful.

Being a birthday celebration, they surprised us even more by coming out with a little birthday cake to celebrate the occasion! How sweet! We got to take it home too since dessert was already included in the standard Chefz Table menu.

surprise birthday cake

petit foursWe ended off the evening with some home made Petit Fours, which were basically some truffles. It was lovely but by that time, I was bursting with so much food in the tummy that it did become a tad rich.

Service at Chefz Table was superb, with just the right amount of attention given to us throughout the night. The host of the restaurant was a lovely lady who took the time to make the whole experience a special one.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Chefz Table, and would recommend this place for a special occasion, or just for a beautiful meal away from home with all your favourite ingredients.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

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Silks, Crown

Grand entrance1a

Website: http://www.crownperth.com.au/restaurants/premium/silks/about

Silks at the Crown Perth just opened recently and being a sucker for new restaurants, I called to make reservations for a Saturday evening but found they were booked out every Friday and Saturday nights for the whole of August! Guess I’m not the only sucker for new restaurants! We managed at the end to get a table on a Sunday night.

Everything was grandiose at Silks, from the entrance, lighting and decor right down to the menu and cutlery on the table. I love the warm lighting and ample spacing between each table. Great ambiance!

Lovely settings

 Gold lined plates and cutlery Check out the menu!

For drinks we had the Oolong Tea – Tie Guan Yin King ($6pp) and the Bamboo Garden, Sugar Cane, Lemon Grass and Lime Juice Mocktail ($12). The teapot was kept warm with a burner which I thought was a great idea. Our cups were topped up automatically the whole night – great service which I guess came with the price tag. The Mocktail on the other hand was very average, it had no sugar cane taste at all, it was more a lime juice than a sugar cane mocktail!

Chinese Tea Sugar Cane mocktail

Before our entrees came, we were served with a complimentary Spicy tuna pumpkin with egg yolk starter on a pretty Chinese spoon. Nice!

Spicy tuna pumpkin with egg yolk

For entrees, we had the following:

– From the Hot Appetisers section …

  • Baked Crab Shell with Portuguese Sauce ($18) – the filling was creamy but did not have too much of a curry taste to it as expected from Portuguese sauce. I love it!

Baked Crab Shell

  • Scallop San Choy Bow ($22) – this was tasty and had good serving of scallop meat. The only thing I would complain about this dish is the state of the lettuce cup. At this price, I would expect it to be crisp and fresh and cut like a proper cup.

Staff putting together the san choy bowScallop san choy bow

– From the Barbeque Specialty section …

  • Peking Duck ($11 per piece) – we were disappointed with this dish as the pancake was too thick and doughy and the duck skin was not as crispy as expected.

Peking Duck

  • Crispy Pork Belly ($38) – this was the best dish of the night! The skin was roasted to a nice crisp and the pork was succulent and tender. The mustard seed dip complemented the taste beautifully. I was not too sure about the sugar that came with it as well as it didn’t add to much to the taste. I would be back just for this! Best pork belly I have eaten so far in a Chinese restaurant in Perth!

Crispy Pork Belly Crispy Pork Belly

As I only had one Peking Duck for entree while the rest had two, I substituted it with a dish from the mains, the Braised Pork Belly and Lohan Fruit served with Hollow Bun ($16). More pork belly for me! The presentation of this dish was very cute where the bun is literally hollowed out so that the pork belly can be placed inside. This was delicious!

Braised Pork Belly with Hollow BunThe Hollow BunFinal Product

The next round was from the Soup section …

  • WA Blue Manna Crab Meat Hot and Sour Soup ($28) – another hit, I love the spicy and sour combination of this type of soup and this was cooked really well with the spiciness up a notch. There was generous amount of crab meat as well.

Blue Manna Crab Hot & Sour Soup

  • Double Boiled Silky Chicken with Abalone ($38) – this was another highlight of the table. The soup came with a plump abalone and it was my first time tasting a black silky chicken – the flesh was really silky like its name! The abalone was also soft and smooth and not chewy.

10The abalone! Black silky chicken

For the mains, we had:

  • Steamed Coral Trout with Iberico Ham and Black Mushroom ($48) – this was an ok dish for me but the others on the table did not like it much. The trout was tender but too small a piece. I did not like the ham that came with it.

Steamed Coral Trout

  • Wok Fried King Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk ($48) – this was a great disappointment for me! There was only such a faint hint of salted egg yolk in there that one would not have thought it was this dish unless you ordered it personally. The prawns were huge in size but lacking in flavour.

King Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk

  • Crispy Pigeon served with spiced salt and lemon juice ($48) – my first taste of pigeon and it did not leave me wanting for more. Meat was tough and I could not understand why in the world they would serve this with the head roasted almost black plonked on the dish, and further more with some garnish stucked in between its beak. It was more a turn off than a plus.

Crispy Pigeon

  • Braised Chinese Cabbage with Bamboo Piths ($32) – this was the only dish that the whole table liked for mains. I like the soft bamboo piths, more of those please!

Chinese Cabbage with Bamboo Piths

After the disappointing mains, we had high hopes for dessert but was disappointed again! They were a bit too fusion for our liking and too much happening in one small cup. It may have been better if they laid it out on a plate so that each component can be sampled.

  • Signature Mango Pudding Creme Brulee, Lime Crumble, Coconut Sago and Compressed Mango ($15)

Mango Pudding Creme Brulee

  • Cherry Blossom Tea Jelly aerated Milk Chocolate, Streusel, Cherry Mousse and Chocolate Sorbet ($17)

Cherry Blossom Tea Jelly

We were given complimentary something similar to a petit four of Szechuan Jelly squares and Sesame Seed toffee. The latter was better than the first.

Petit four

The meal costs us approx $150 each, the same as what one would pay for a degustation menu.  Service was slightly hit and miss, there was one staff who was very good (the one preparing the san choy bow pic above) but the rest didn’t seem too sure of what was happening at the table, with wrong dishes brought to us and what felt like ineffective communication between them. They had asked whether we wanted toothpicks and we had said no, but the next minute the toothpicks were plonked on the table.

In general, I think it is great that more fine dining Chinese cuisine are being offered in Perth. Personally for me, I would be back just for the entrees, most of them were amazing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Clarke’s of North Beach, North Beach

Website: http://www.clarkesofnorthbeach.com.au

MenuI’d been wanting to go to Clarke’s of North Beach for my birthday the last couple of years but had never been able to get a weekend booking in time. This year I decided to organise a dinner there for a uni friend’s birthday. We got a table easily as it was a week night. Yes!

The restaurant interior looked lovely and provided us with the warmth as soon as we entered (Perth has really chilly nights!).  One cannot fail to notice all the awards hanging on the wall. Chef and owner Stephen Clarke is the winner of multiple awards in the industry including being named the ‘Good Food Guide’ Chef of the Year 2012 for Perth. I was really looking forward to the dinner!

EntranceLovely ambience inside the restaurant!

AChampagne to start with – I was the only one drinking that night!

My glass of champagne

We went with the Degustation Menu – 6 courses for $100pp. We also ordered an extra dish each for an additional $20.

  • Amuse Boche – warm soup with a mini glass straw – very cute!

Amuse Bouche - soup

  • Linley Valley pork belly, apple textures, crackle dust – this dish was amazing!! I love the “melt in the mouth” pork belly – more please! My favorite dish of the night!

Linley Valley pork belly

  • Confit Huon salmon, seared Esperance scallop, celery sorbet, fennel & yuzu – the scallop in this dish was a winner. It was also my first tasting of a celery sorbet, refreshing and very unique!

Salmon, scallop, celery sorbet

  • Honey roasted duck breast, confit leg, foie gras espuma – this was an additional dish ordered which I didn’t try but it looked great and was beautifully presented.

Honey roasted duck breast, confit leg, foie gras espuma

  • Queensland spanner crab, brioche, coconut, lime bonito salt (additional dish) – this was art on a plate and my 2nd favorite dish with the crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside brioche and the Asian fusion flavor of the crab meat.

Queensland, brioche, coconut

  • Prime fillet steak, braised beef cheek, onion puree & buttered carrots – it was a nice piece of steak, juicy and tender. Love the sides of buttered vegetables.

Fillet steak, beef cheek and vegetables

  • Chocolate & caramel with popping candy – delicious first part of dessert, the highlight being the popping candy. A party in the mouth!

Choc & caramel with popping candy

  •  Lemon meringue with steamed lemon and vanilla pudding – the last course to finish off the night, and another art on a plate. Yummy pudding!

Lemon meringue and lemon & vanilla pudding

Couldn’t finish the night without a cup of coffee – my Cappuccino :)


Service at Clarke’s was excellent too, attentive but not too overbearing. Dinner here was as excellent as I expected. I will definitely be back again!

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars

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****TheatreDining @No4BlakeSt****

From the outsideOne of the greatest things about the blog we have is the invitations to various events and meals. This time, the PFEs were invited by No. 4 Blake Restaurant to experience the theatre of dining. I wondered what this would mean, and it was an educational evening!

Miss L couldn’t make it for this dinner, so I extended the invite to Miss Anise, who was surely excited to be my company for the evening.

No. 4 Blake Street is just off Walcott St and is along this unassuming street filled with a decent amount of parallel parking. One wouldn’t travel into this street if not for knowing about this place. As I got out of the car I noticed that there was a little note along the glass panels that would span the front of the restaurant…

Special Note

Aww! How sweet is that! It was a beautiful, warm and fuzzy feeling within when we read that. Made us feel special for sure.

Inside #1Table for Bottles of Wine and Champagne

Upon entering the venue, we were warmly greeted by Madjouline and Romain – our hosts for the evening. The friendly Madjouline gave a quick introduction and directed us to our table. There was a nice feel to the restaurant, with kitchen enclosed by red velvet curtains, which gave you the feeling that you are coming to watch a show at the theatre.

The room at the backWine Galore

Taste of the MenuWhilst waiting for the other guests to arrive, Madjouline had a quick chat with us, explaining that Romain and herself run the show for the head chef and owner, Tom, whom I only found out later was THE Tom from Tom’s Kitchen! Romain was also the in-house sommelier.

I took the time whilst the place was empty, to also grab some shots of the restaurant itself in its purest form. The back of the restaurant has an impressive collection of wines, more tables, and access to the lavatories.

Bucket full of bottlesAs we chatted with Madjouline, a stream of familiar faces started coming through, PFJ and her partner A, Perth Munchkin, TFP and Jac, Foodie Cravings and her bro, as well as C from Sprinking of Spice (and her boyfriend) whom I met at the Fuku soft opening. It was a sheer delight because it almost felt as though we were having a reunion!

Miss Anise and I were seated with Foodie Cravings and Sprinkling of Spice during this dinner.

As we were chatting with our glasses of the Cava Mas Pere, we were delighted to see Tom coming out of the kitchen to introduce himself to us. A warm and friendly guy, I was personally excited for the dinner to commence. Tom presented us an overview of the place – from the overall philosophy behind the restaurant, to the lighting chosen as décor to provide that ambience that would be carried through the rest of the evening. The idea of a typical dinner is that there will always be two elements of surprise – the Al Dente (a pasta based dish) and the Palate Cleanser. Tom described this as the opportunity for him and his partner in crime in the kitchen to exercise their creativity. And this… is where we get the theatre of dining truly taking shape. Concept – TICK.

Tom RandolphSpecial light for special moods

Bread and butterWe had some bread to start, with a choice of olive, and white sourdough. To complement the home made bread, we were also presented with three freshly made butter selections:

  • Olive
  • Pedro Ximenez
  • Orange

Miss Anise was hyperventilating when she heard Pedro because of her love for the actual sherry. Needless to say she was stoked!

I loved the bread – tried both varieties over the course of the evening, and enjoyed the warmth of the bread (something that seems to be lacking in establishments these days). All the butter had a lovely taste to it, with the orange butter sending out a little bit of a conversation on our table. I likened it to marmalade butter because of how it tasted. Didn’t sit too well with some, but I personally loved it. But the ultimate favourite would definitely be the Pedro Ximenez. Something so special.

The amuse bouche was a vegetarian platter of little shimeji, porcini foam, mushroom glass, sweet corn pannacotta,  and truffled popcorn. This is one of those dishes where you absolutely most definitely judge the book by its cover because the taste of the combination of those elements was simply divine! The sweetness of that pannacotta, with the salty popcorn, and the textures of those mushrooms, all culminated in that mouthful of the amuse bouche. What a wonderful start.

Amuse Bouche

For entrée, we were served on alternate seatings:

  • Rabbit parfait, belly presse, loin and kidney terrine, ginger tuile, pomegranate
  • Goat’s cheese ‘Gnocchi’, aromatic oils, baby herbs, borage blossom, tomato water

Entree #1

Loin & Kidney TerrineBelly PresseRabbit parfait

The rabbit parfait, belly presse, loin and kidney terrine was definitely a winner, with lots of praises going around the table.  Miss Anise had the rabbit combination for entrée, and she was impressed by the dish, particularly the parfait, which seem to ring true for the rest of the table who had the rabbit entrée. I had a taste, and enjoyed, but I have to say I preferred my goat’s cheese ‘Gnocchi’, which was laid beautifully in a bowl of clear (tomato) water broth.

Goat's Cheese Gnocchi

Close up of GnocchiOn first glance, it is difficult to expect what it should really be testing like because of the pale nature of the dish. Yet again, we were fooled by this actor in the entrée because this was one of the best dishes of the evening! The seemingly clear water base was the carrier of a fantastic, refreshing and tasty broth that was made with love over a good number of hours squeezing cherry tomatoes and filtering it. The ‘Gnocchi’ was really interesting as there was hardly any taste of starch in each of those parcels. I am not a cheese person, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The combination of both the richness of the cheese and lightness of the broth brought much delight to the senses.

We were served with two wines chosen by Romain for the evening:

  • Rockford “Local Growers”, Semillon 2002, Barossa Valley
  • D’Arenburg, The “Laughing Magpie”, Shiraz Viognier 2004, McLaren Vale

I had a try of both over the course of the evening, and found the “Laughing Magpie” sitting better with me, and it went well with the duck that I had for main course as well. The Semillon was good but a tad heavy for me as a white wine.

The Al dente is a course that is served in between the entrée and main. This is one of two dishes on the menu where you will not know about till it appears on the table before you. It is a pasta dish that is creatively thought out by the chefs for the day and it changes. Element of surprise and variety – CHECK!

Al Dente

Close up of sweetbread tortelliniThis evening we were served a sweetbreads tortellini with a champagne cream sauce and orange zest. All pasta is made fresh in house. Having sweetbreads in pasta is something I have never seen before, so I was in a way excited but apprehensive about trying. But that apprehension disappeared in a flash when I took the first bite. Absolutely loved it! The sauce complemented the pasta, which was really well cooked. For those who cannot imagine sweetbreads being in tortellini… and tasting wonderful – come to No. 4 Blake Street!

Mains came not too long after, with 3 varieties of mains on our table due to my fussy eating style these days. The table had the following:

  • Seared duck breast, pencil leeks, poached plum, celery leaves
  • Glazed pork, white eggplant caviar, mustard, cassis, eggplant crisp
  • Barely cooked ocean trout, ink rice cracker, miso, cuttlefish and compressed cucumber

Duck closeupocean trout closeupglazed pork closeup

I would have taken the pork, but there was a bit of a misunderstanding with our special requests. So I ended up with the duck breast (made me feel rather special!). Miss Anise had the barely cooked ocean trout.


The duck breast was beautifully cooked, tender, and well seasoned – a tad salty towards the end, but with my palate for salty food, this sat well with me. The plum was a well chosen complement for the duck, with its sweetness cutting through the salty seasoning on the duck.

Barely cooked ocean trout

The barely cooked ocean trout was a winner on the table, with those who had it singing its praises. I had a little bit after Miss Anise put some on my plate without much warning and I found it to be lovely. The ink rice cracker lit Miss Anise’s eyes because of her love for squid ink dishes.

Glazed Pork

The glazed pork was cooked really well too. I had a bit to try from C of Sprinkling of Spice, and found it to be well seasoned, and had a beautiful combination of flavours. In comparison with the duck, I think the pork was the winner for me.

Then came the palate cleanser, to which we were served with a coconut sorbet with a sesame base, popping candy, sago and pineapple granita. Tropical flavours galore! This once again comes as a surprise to the meal, because the chefs get to decide what they would like to serve on the day. This was a clearly loved dish by all with everyone cleaning the plate right up from the moment it was placed on the table. Being the hungry soul that I was, I only took this photo with my phone, which was of poor quality! The most unique part of this dish was the popping candy that brought back that little bit of childhood, and the textural variety. I loved the sago as it brought me back to a place where it reminded me of home and the very many sago desserts we have. Overall a lovely surprising palate cleanser.

textures of passionfruit #2The desserts were what brought everyone to joyful tears. The following were served in alternate seatings:

  • Cherry & Chocolate garden: Valhrona chocolate mousse, salted peanut, dacquoise, cherry
  • Textures of Passionfruit: White basil ganache, mango, salted sesame, coconut sago

Miss Anise had the chocolate garden and I had the textures of passionfruit.

Chocolate Garden

Chocolate Garden FULLIt was clear that the chocolate garden was the dish of the evening in view of the moments of “awwwwwww mannnn” or “wow”… or just simple chatter amoung guests about how beautifully good this dessert was. I had a taste, and found it beautiful, with the mousse made out of wonderful dark chocolate. But I have to admit it was a tad heavy for me, particularly after being fed so well. Wouldn’t say the same view was held by the others with all the chocolate fans in the room finishing the dish up in style.

The textures of passionfruit was put in the back seat by the chocolate garden but I found this to be a beautiful refreshing dessert – really up my alley. The basil brought the freshness of the dessert out, with the mango, sesame and coconut sago giving it the decadence that one would expect to finish a meal with. It was lovely, and I would probably order it again.

Textures of Passionfruit closeup

The evening was very enjoyable – hosts Romain and Madjouline certain made us feel at home, and was friendly to a tee. The one thing I noticed as we guests started to leave the establishment, was the great smiles on our faces, which is certainly indicative of a great evening.

Our greatest thanks to Tom, Romain and Madjouline for a beautiful evening at No. 4. I have certainly marked it as a place to head back!

For those who are keen on knowing the prices:
Without dessert (4 courses) – $70, with matching wines $100
With dessert (6 courses) – $90, with matching wines $135

No. 4 Blake Street also serves high tea that boasts a menu of delectable delights ranging from cured ocean trout, grilled lamb with smoked eggplant, to stawberry and coconut macaron, and lemon meringue tartelette. Prices range from $42 to $62.

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Website: http://www.no4blakestreet.com.au/

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Bistro Guillaume, Crown

1Website: http://bistroguillaumeperth.com.au/

Bistro Guillaume is one of the recent addition to the Crown Casino Complex. As expected, there was a big hype with its opening. I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to lunch there for a birthday celebration.

Bistro Guillaume is situated where Alure used to be. The entrance to the restaurant is quite impressive as well as the decor with its lime green highlights throughout. They must have spent a fortune with the renovation and interior decorations!

Bistro GuillaumeBeautiful bar areaDinner areaDining area

For drinks we had a Lemon Lime Bitters and a Caribbean Champagne ($18). The Caribbean Champagne is a mixture of white rum, creme de bananes & sparkling wine decorated with a slice of banana. What an odd decoration – the banana’s skin had black spots on it! Hardly something you would use I would have thought!

LLBCaribbean Champagne


  • Complimentary bread and butter – the butter and salt were amazing, wish they gave a bigger piece of bread though.

Bread and butter

  • Blue swimmer crab salad with avocado, cucumber & capsicum coulis ($30) – didn’t get to try this but it looked pretty doesn’t it! + for presentation.

Blue swimmer crab

  • Escargot en persillade ($25) – this was my order. En persillade is a seasoning mixture of parsley chopped with garlic, herb, oil & vinegar. It came out looking very pretty but I thought the dish tasted quite bland. The two others who ordered this thought the same. They had tasted better elsewhere.

Escargot en persillade

For mains, I had the Rangers Valley sirloin (300 day grain fed) with crispy kipfler potatoes, watercress salad with bearnaise sauce ($42). Hmm, it tasted very ordinary to me. Nothing much to be excited about. I came to the conclusion that maybe French food is not my thing?

Rangers Valley Sirloin

The rest had the following (only managed to try a mouthful of each dish so can’t give much comments, enjoy the pics!):

  • Berkshire pork belly with salad of lentils, green apples & tarragon vinaigrette ($37)

Berkshire pork belly

  • Venison tenderloin with beetroot, parsnip & horseradish ($40)

Venison tenderloin

  • Veal sweetbreads with a fricassee of mushroom & truffle ($32) – I only had a mouthful of this but I could taste the delicious mushroom flavor in the sauce. The sweetbread was tender and melted in your mouth. I wish I had ordered this instead of my steak!

Veal sweetbreads

I ran out of time as I was in a rush to pick up a friend from the airport so I didn’t get to try their desserts :( Hope I didn’t miss out on much!

Overall, I found the dishes I ordered were all misses! Sad to say. The service was ordinary as well.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Bistro Guillaume
Telephone: 08 9362 7551
Address: Crown Perth, Great Easten Highway, Vic Park
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