The Como, Como

Outside - from the corner


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The Como is located along Canning Highway, inside The Como Hotel.  It is quite a prominent building, painted bluish purple on the outside, with a bright purple and lime sign in front – hard to miss.  The Como has a retro feel to it, but casual and cosy, you can almost feel the gentle humming of pleasantries in the atmosphere as soon as you enter.  It was cold that afternoon and I was not in the best of mood as I forgot my jumper and had a slight headache, so when I went in and was greeted with a nice warm heater up the front, I was a happy chappy.  One thing I like about their decor was the cushiony lime coloured sofa seats they had vs the average looking brown ones.  We quickly went and grabbed a table with the lime seats (one must be seated comfortably to enjoy one’s lunch =p). 

Inside restaurant - view 1 Inside restaurant - View 2      

The Como is open for lunch, dinner and casual drinks 7 days a week and is a fully licensed restaurant.  It has quite a comprehensive menu, more selections than the average pub.  (The restaurant’s opening hours and menu can be found on their website if you want to have a look before heading there, very handy!)

We started off with some coffees which was average, my Long Macchiato didn’t taste quite right and I had to add more milk, turning it into a latte.  For lunch, we had:

  • Beef Burger – $17.90
  • Beer Battered Fish & Chips – $21.50
  • Salt & Pepper Squid – $16.50

Coffees Beef Burger Fish & Chips Salt & Pepper Squid

The Beef Burger was a 180g beef pattie sandwiched between a toasted Turkish bun, filled with Swiss cheese, bacon, beetroot relish, lettuce with a tomato and aioli sauce.  It was served with a side of golden fries.  The Beef Burger looked simple but was the tastiest out of the three dishes we ordered that day.  The pattie was juicy (very important part of a burger as a dried up one will totally turn you off) and the beetroot relish mixed well with the aioli/tomato sauce to give it a ‘I want another bite’ feeling.  A plus for me.

I had the Fish & Chips which was served with golden chips, garden salad and tartare sauce.  The fish was a bit of a disappointment as it was overly fried which shrank and dried up the fish fillet.  The chips however made up for it as they were extra crunchy and yummy with the tartare sauce.   

The Salt & Pepper Squid was served with a trio of dipping sauce and was meant to come with a salad but my friend changed it to the golden fries.  It was served in a cocktail glass and the squid pieces were nice bite size and wasn’t chewy.  However, my friend thought it was only average. 

The staff that took our order was pleasant and accomodated our requests with a smile.  All in all, I thought it’s a good place for lunch with a relaxing atmosphere and especially good if you are after some pub food and drinks.  Although  the food that day was not too impressive but I think it was more of our choices rather than the food there.  I would go back to try some other items in their menu if I have a chance!


Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

The Como
: 08 9367 6666
Address: 241 Canning Highway, Como

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Ess Bar, Subiaco

Bar AreaWebsite:

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Ess Bar has taken over the old Clancy’s Fish Pub in the Subiaco Village along Hay Street. For those familiar with the fast food joint strip along Hay Street, Subiaco Village is the little complex that’s just right next to Hungry Jack’s and KFC. It’s amazing how many food joints there are that I never knew about!

Hidden in a little corner, you wouldn’t know it existed other than the little board that sits outside the village, shouting out their various special deals. It’s really the only way to know that it exists – well other than word-of-mouth.

From the outside, you wouldn’t think too much of it because they didn’t do much to it but when you walk in, you’ll be greeted with an abundance of space that’s really quite surprising. The decor is excellent – elegant, classy but laid back at the same time, giving it an awesome casual overall feel to the place.

MenusOne should take note of the the Reception area that’s hidden over the corner of the bar, and next to the kitchen. The two times I have been there, I was only served when I approached them at the Reception – a tad strange but I guess that’s how they know if people just want a drink, or to actually sit down and have a meal.

The seating area is not that huge, but it does accomodate for at least 50-60 people, with a function room just adjacent to the main dining area. Coupled with a TV near the booths, it’s difficult to get your butt off the once you’re seated, especially if you’re footy fan on a Saturday/Sunday when a game is on!

Anyhoo, onto the food & drinks. This place serves a good range of alcholic drinks for those boozies like me. From tap beer, to bottled beer, from wine, to cocktails, they seem to have thought of everything! Well, they should really – since they’re a bar. :)

I will be doing two visits into a review, so here were the orders over the two visits for drinks:

  • Krombacher fully imported
  • Pure Blonde
  • Fat Yak Pale Ale
  • Beez Neez
  • Ess Bar Flirtini

KrombacherPure BlondeFat YakEss Bar Flirtini

The size of the pints were good, and so were the midi’s. The Flirtini was apparently good, and I had a sip of it – very special! ;) And with that little cherry down below the glass – why not? :)

Onto the food… the next time I do go back there, I will be trying the tapas that they offer. Quite a range, and after looking at others having a go, I think it’d be worth the shot! Altho’ I do think tapas are generally a tad overpriced here in Perth.

Here were our orders over the two visits:

  • Moroccan Sweet & Sour Bread with Pomegranate Molasses (wow? we thought so too!)
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Fish & Chips
  • Just a Burger

Moroccan Sweet & Sour Bread The sweet and sour bread came out looking really appetising, and with a recommendation for it in the menu (quoted “a must try!”)… we were excited to try this dish.

Taking it at first munch, it was a strange but somewhat delightful feeling in the mouth, giving it that lovely zest (from the pomegranate). I must say it doesn’t taste as good when it’s cold, so when it’s served, attack with full vigour! It was certainly a different sort of bread-dish, and one that people should try if they’re adventurous with their food explorations.

Not a fan of onions? Remember to tell them not to sprinkle them because the taste (and smell) does seep through as you tuck into the dish.


Steak SandwichI had tried the steak sandwich on my first visit with S.K to Ess Bar, and we were quite literally blown away by the standard of the cow in between those bread slices!! They had such tenderness that is quite rare in steak sandwiches these days, and with such lovely sauces they have smeared together with the salad and cow, it was a sheer delight eating it!

The chips that came along were probably as close as it can get to the best chips in town! They are now tied in with Armada (a review tha really is overdue and will come soon!) and Globe Coffee House with having the best chips in Perth (from what we’ve tasted thus far of course).

Crunchy and covered with a nice batter, KUDOS!!!+++ for Ess Bar’s chips!

One thing to note tho’. S.K. and I are not fans of onions (raw onions especially), and when they mentioned onion rings in the menu, we instinctively thought it was those large raw onion rings you would occassionally find in steak sandwiches. But NoOoo. We were fooled by our own carelessness! These onion rings were the nice fried ones you would get at HJs (see picture). So don’t make the same mistake if you’re like us – fans of HJ-type onion rings and not fan of raw.

Fish & Chips

The fish and chips were served with the same awesome chips as the steak sandwich, and a good amount of tartare sauce, that will leave you with some extras after you’re done I believe (unless you’re the sort of person who smothers the sauce you have with abundance :)). The fish itself that day was a tad fishy but for some reason tasted quite nice. The only thing I was put it down on is the dry-ness of the fish. Might have been a bit over-fried, causing the meat inside to dry up a tad.

There was a nice serving of salad too, making this dish a really nice size for a hungry diner.

I didn’t get to really analyse the tartare sauce but this dish is probably a notch down from the steak sandwich in my humble opinion :)

And then there came the burger…

Just a BurgerThe burger was served with a little chinese-teacup worth of aioli, which I will get to later.

The buns used for the burger were nice and crisp, but it was stacked a bit too much inside that it was a bit tough to have a bite of the full burger. Even for a big-mouth like me :)

That said, it’s lovely to see all the greens inside the burger, with the patty inside nice and thick.

The beef patty had a peculiar taste which left me feeling “hmm, let’s have another bite to see what’s really in this” a few times. It wasn’t till the 4-5th bite that I realised there was a good amount of herb being mixed into the patty giving it its really strong aroma. I’m not too big a fan of herbs, so this was not a plus for me.

The aioli on the other hand was just bursting with flavour, and was a good accompaniment to the burger (and chips for that matter). It was an average meal and I wouldn’t be ordering this again.

And you thought I was done. What about DESSERTS!

Dessert Menu

The one dessert that we decided to try is what I’d like to call the main attraction to Ess Bar.

I won’t let you guess what it is because you would realise it’s quite obvious which item really stands out the most as being a unique, strange and yet really entising option.

I, for one, am looking forward to the sister and her family popping by from the USA to come try this awesome dessert!

For $18, it is well worth the money and will put a smile onto any child’s face (including the adults who think they’re still entitled to their ‘childhood fun’ once in a while).

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
toasted almond biscuit, chocolate kahlua mousse, brownie ice cream, chocolate mud cake and truck load of treats

Need I say more?

The one thing you will probably need is some proof of the pudding visually.

Willy Wonka 1Willy Wonka's Truck (somewhat untouched)

Truck DefeatedWilly Wonka from the Top

Willy Wonka Up-Close

I think the pictures speak for themselves, but I will explain the little bits.

The house – is the almond biscuit
The truck – well, the literal translation of “truck of treats”
The ice cream – the best I have tasted in a while now!
The mousse and mudcake – ever wondered why they even built a house out of the almond biscuit? :))

And there are two little choc fingers popping out as the chimney. Absolute brilliance I’d say!

Don’t be fulled by the look of it – I know it doesn’t look like much when you see it in the pictures, but the plate was M.A.S.S.I.V.E.

The highlight for us girls that day was definitely the almond biscuit and the brownie ice cream – both so yummy that we wish there would be more!

The truck itself was really hard chocolate, and should only  be eaten by the not-so-faint hearted. Try getting a strong person to break it. I tried forking it down in the middle but I guess I didn’t have the inner strength that D.P seem to have possessed.

The other treats? Just the usual lollies you’d find in a candy store, except that the strawberries and cream jelly was different AND yumm!

I give this beautiful dessert a 4.5 out of 5 (mostly for the creativity and the generosity of the ingredients) on its own!

Cappucino with Choc-Coated MeringueThe three of us ordered some coffee as well (not knowing the sheer size of this dessert), two cappucinos (pictured) and a mocha…

The Caps were served with some sugar and a choc-coated meringue, which unfortunately didn’t melt when you place it in the mouth (boo).

The mocha turned out to be hot choc, much to the slight dismay of D.P. It was served with a couple of marshmallows and we should have known.

Overall, this place serves rather good food, and is a lovely place to just chill out over the weekend on a saturday/sunday afternoon with family or close friends.

The one thing that would be nice to see an improvement in for this establishment would be the service. We found ourselves trying to get the attention of the wait staff for a good 20 minutes just to order our desserts. It was not a lazy attempt from us, but it seemed as tho’ they weren’t too interested in our business, and I for one was getting impatient.

They could really give more attention.

If not for the service, this place would have been one of the better places I have been to for lunch, but it was really quite disappointing to be waiting 20 minutes just to order some desserts, and much less to say, get our order of mocha stuffed up!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Ess Bar
(08) 9381 5099
Address: 531 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008 (In the heart of the Subiaco Village)

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Queens, Highgate

Queens SignageWebsite:

Frequently driving past this place, I’ve always wondered why it’s so crowded all the time. Less the fact that it’s a pub and they’ve got quite a decent range of beer, the first thing you feel when you walk into this place is its victorian (or well, colonial) vibe. The sort of vibe you would feel when you see an old building along the street and walk right into it – simply because of how it brings back fond (or maybe not) memories of the days in history classes…

I love the architecture of the building, re-used in a rather magnificent fashion to maximise the internal and external area.

It was a cold night when we went there, and even tho’ I had made the booking that very morning, we weren’t given a seat inside the establishment! Boo hoo.

Never mind that, because at that point in time when we were seated, it was fairly quiet, which was a good thing. I thought to myself, “okay, I’m actually willing to sacrifice the cold with the quiet”.

Starving ladies we were, we quickly glanced through the menu, and realised there were quite a few choices… and they were all described with such professionalism that your mouth would water with each line you read!

Menu 1Beer List!

Guess who dove straight into the drinks list? So like I said, they have a good range of beer, and much less to say cocktails (S.C recommended the vodka infusions). To start off the night, we had the following:

  • 1664 Kronenbourg (Beer)
  • Heineken
  • Redskin Vodka Infusion

 1664 KronenbourgHeinekenRedskin Vodka Infusion

Chunkies (Wedges) - Three dips included sweet chilli, sour cream and aioliTook us a while to decide on the mains, so while waiting, S.C was actually cravin’ for some wedges (which they call “chunkies” right here in Queens), so we had some chunkies ordered with our drinks. I have to say were REALLY GOOD! Good sh1t! :) They were by one of the best tasting wedges I have had here in Perth since I arrived in 2003. So if you are cravin’ some chunkies, why don’t you head down to the Queens, order some beer, and some chunkies. A delightful treat! KUDOS+++!!!

The 1664 Kronenbourg was quite an awesome beer. The first taste felt a tad bitter which I found a bit unattractive, but as I sipped further into the glass, I realised it wasn’t one of those beers where you could taste its goodness in just a small sip – you had to really dive into it! Not the best beer, but it was averagely good.

I tried the redskin vodka infusion for fun, but it didn’t sit too well with my tastebuds. It tasted very similar to a panadol syrup I used to take when I was growing up in Singapore. But it’s a taste that’s quite popular with other people (I know, I’m strange!).

We were finally able to decide on our mains:

  • Piri Piri Chicken Burger (ME!)
    Don’t be fooled. It’s not Nando’s, but the description appears to be so similar that it’s not funny.
  • Vanilla Roasted Pork Belly, pepperberry and macademia stuffing, roast chat potatoes, snow peas, apple glaze (V.A)
    Now, do you understand why I said the mouth would just drool at every line??
  • Venison Osso Bucco
    A rich tomato braise, with some soft spinach palenta (so yes, I copied)

Piri Piri Chicken Burger

The chicken burger, despite its breast meat being really tender, was a tad on the dry side – which is never too appetising. Especially for someone who loves the thigh, drumstick and wing parts of the chicken. The sauce was close to nothing, altho’ there were random spots of spiciness over the course of finishing the burger. Chips were a let-down compared to the awesome chunkies we had before – mainly because they were soggy and NOT salted! A big boo boo there.

Vanilla Roasted Pork Belly

The vanilla roasted pork belly was also a let-down for V.A… the taste was peculiar. I have to agree. Having tasted a bit of the belly, there was a strange flavour oozing out of that pork that didn’t seem too right. The easiest way to actually describe that taste is to compare it with the taste of a sausage. Yes, it’s not exactly a walk in the park when you pay almost-top-dollar for a nice pork belly that tasted like a sunday-bbq sausage.

Venison Osso Bucco

By the time I tried the venison, it was a bit cold, so it did destroy abit of the ‘complete’ taste that it should have had. That said, the dish tasted okay, albeit too rich with the tomato braise. S.C wasn’t too impressed either but among us three, I think she had the best.

Overall, the mains were quite a disappointment despite their beautiful description. Just to finish the night off, I ordered a midi of the Wahoo beer by Gage Roads. Interesting flavour that one!

By the time it came to desserts, we were a tad too afraid to risk anything, so we decided to scoot off and head to a place where we knew served good cakes and tea and coffee (tho’ I haven’t tried the coffee there yet so I can’t say anything).

The service was average, and by the time we were having our mains, the place had become rowdy with people shouting all over, so it was difficult to even get the attention of a waitperson. That said, the waiter who served us for most of the evening was extremely friendly and was willing to even get us the bill as opposed to us going to the counter and waiting for ages to get the bill settled. :) Thumbs up there!

I think I will still come back to Queens, and give it another shot at food, but I will definitely not order those three dishes. Given the great range of beer, I will definitely be back to drink and have some chunkies!

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

The Queens, Highgate
Telephone: (08) 9328 7267
Address: 520 Beaufort Street, Highgate 6003, Western Australia

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Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle


Entertainment Card (2009): 25% off the total bill (up to $35 of value)

Norfolk MenuWe intended this to be a ‘surprise’ birthday celebration but it became a nice little gathering for us girls. Having been to this place before, S.K. thought it would be nice if we came here for dinner. No regrets!

Sitting on the corner of South Terrace, pretty close to the Anglican church opposite, Norfolk Hotel gives a rather victorian feel to one when you walk through its gates. A very nice and casual place to dine, you don’t actually see any “please wait to be seated” sign. You just rock up to the bar and you ask for your table (better to place a reservation because it gets pretty packed up!). We were meant to sit at this table where this group of people were, but they didn’t seem too ready to go so we were given the liberty to sit anywhere that didn’t have a ‘reserve’ sign. We chose one just in front of the walls leading out to the road. Nice and big table for our big appetites that night!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any shot of the external bits of norfolk, but trust me, it’s a lovely place!

We sat for a bit before I started itching for a nice cold beer. Here were our orders for drinks:

  • James Squire Amber Ale: ME
  • James Squire Golden Ale: S.K
  • Glass of Pinot Gri: D.P
  • Some Cider (memory lapse… again!): S.C
  • Some other beer =( I know I’m in poor form!: A.C

No pictures for these drinks since it’s not easy to tell the beers apart from each other.

Then we took sometime to decide on our mains. But after a nice deliberation, here were our final orders:

  • Steak Sandwich (who else? But I did share this dish with S.C. that night because I wanted a taste of hers)
  • Fish & Chips (S.C)
  • Angel Hair Pasta (S.K)
  • Smoked Chicken Salad (D.P)
  • Prosciutto Pizza (A.C)

Let’s start with what I had with S.C. first for a change:

Fish & Chips  Steak Sandwich

The fish & chips were a tad dry to me, but the tartare sauce made up for it! Nice and thick with traces of pickled vegetables in the sauce, I was really happy with the way the sauce tasted. It’s quite rare to find a good tastin’ tartare sauce. The fish could definitely be better with its texture.

The steak sandwich is something out of the ordinary steak sandwiches you’d get. This one has bacon! And because of that I have to actually score this one down because the bacon was overwhelming the cow’s taste. There was this strong bacon essence that was nice, but yet a little disappointing because the main thing you really wanted to eat, was really the cow. Hence the name “steak sandwich”? :) I do give it kudos for the free serve of ketchup tho’!! Not many places do that anymore!

Similar to both dishes – the chips. It was one of those chips you’d get at Little Creatures. Freshly cut and fried, served with a good amount of salt, the chips were definitely grade “A” for this chips lover. I was a happy camper.

I would recommend for these two dishes to be shared if people are up for it – you get a good taste of both, and you don’t feel too overwhelmed by a single dish. I don’t think I’d be able to cope with all that fish. The steak sandwich, well, I’m a cow person, so it’s not really fair for me to stick my thumb up and say anything, is it?

Angel Hair Pasta

The angel hair pasta came out lookin’ fresh and definitely an eye-catcher!! Served with nice little cherry tomatoes, the color was just beautiful and I couldn’t get my tastebuds into the dish! S.K. had a try of it, and had a slight look of disappointment, which sent me wondering, “what could possibly go wrong with such a beautiful dish?”…

So I had a try.

I could see what the whole look was about. Although it was nice and fresh, the dish lacked the flavour that would give it the ultimate kudos. It might have been the cheese that made the chef think “oh, maybe I shouldn’t add anymore flavouring to this”…

Would have loved this dish alot more if they had a little bit more taste. But it was definitely fresh so that should be commended!

Smoked Chicken Salad

The smoked chicken salad was something that I was really taken surprise by. With a nice presentation filled with nice shredded chicken (quite a generous serving at that!)… some pears, walnuts, this dish was really quite sublime for a salad. It had everything healthy in it, and to top it off, it tasted really yummo!


I loved the fact that the smoked chicken was well, really smoked chicken!!! Sometimes, you see it in name but you never really taste the smoked meat. This time, it was done nicely, almost to perfection in my opinion. A pity I didn’t get to try this with the pear, but I would think it tasted fabulous.

This would have been my favourite dish for the night. :)

Prosciutto Pizza

The Prosciutto pizza was something that looked really yummo from the moment it came out of the kitchen and indeed it was quite the yummy dish!!

The prosciutto was given in a rather generous portion to say the least and I was quite surprised at how this dish was not salty at all!! I would usually expect prosciutto to be quite salty, and with that amount of meat there, I thought there was gonna be that element of ‘over-salt’.

None. Absolutely beautiful.

It was quite a huge serving and Auds did such a good job in finishing it up!! With the help of us of course. *winks*


Overall, the Norfolk Hotel definitely has some yummy food to boast itself with, and I would go back there again because of its casual atmosphere (yes, you are talking to Miss Casual here).  Have a drink, have a meal, Norfolk will be a nice place to visit regardless if you’re in freo!

PS: James Squire Underground Bar is actually next to it, but it opens at about 10-10.30pm, so something that might be a good idea to do… have dinner at Norfolk, have a chat, then head to the Underground Bar after for some nice cold beer and good night chillin’!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Norfolk Hotel
Telephone: (08) 9335 5405
Address: 47 South Terrace, Fremantle 6160, Western Australia

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Foundry Pub & Grill, Cannington


Interior 1I usually meet up with two sisters for drinks/dinner on Fridays (it has become such a habit that it feels odd if we have nothing on, on a Friday!). S.K. suggested to me on Friday then to try Foundry which is located within the Carousel Shopping Centre, in Cannington.

With a hearty curiosity of this place (I have walked past this on many occasions but never really had the motivation to try it)… I immediately said, “YES! Let’s GO!”…

Upon entering, we got asked for our IDs for some reason, and were given our ‘star’ chops upon clearing ‘security’. Then we were greeted by this massive bar right in front of us (quite a delight to me and S.K. really).

We were seated along the side where the glass panels were, facing the carpark. There was a live singer grooving along with his tunes (I was personally rather impressed with this singing and his ability to last song after song after song without much rest! Thumbs up!

Interior 2

Anyway, more about Foundry. The area is huge and surprisingly dim on the inside. Whenever I walk by that place, it always gave me the impression that it was a lot brighter than it really was when I stepped in. Not that it’s a bad thing – just merely surprising I suppose.

One thing I wasn’t too impressed with this evening was the service from the waiters/waitresses. The waitress who served us was rather unfriendly, and was distracted when taking our orders, showing impatience when we started deliberating on our orders as well.

She took our liquor order first, which really consisted of the following:

  • Pint of Heineken (S.K)
  • Pint of Beez Neez (D.P)
  • Pint of James Squire Golden Ale (ME!)

Unlike most places where they’d use the pint given by the beer brand, Foundry seems to have their own pint/midi glasses with their logo, and they use beer-brand-based coasters to indicate the different beer instead.

James Squire Golden Ale   Heineken   Beez Neez

MenuSo we took the next couple of minutes to decide what we’d like for our entree/mains…

S.K. felt like a pizza for some reason but at the same time she felt like the lamb shank. So we decided to come to a compromise and decided to order the pizza as an entree that we can all nibble on whilst waiting for the mains to come (logic is that it can line the tummy while we drink our booze).

Took me a while to choose because there was quite a wide variety of food.

In any case, here were our final orders for the evening:

- Lamb Shank (S.K)

- Rump Steak with Mushroom Steak (D.P)

- Steak Sandwich (ME… any surprise?)


Pizza  Lamb Shank

Steak Sandwich  Rump Steak

The Pizza (or pizette) was rather appetising with the toppings filling the dough right up to the tip of the crust (i.e. there really wasn’t much of the crust!)… and the toppings (which I cannot remember now…boo!) went well together. Probably the highlight of the night to be honest…

The lamb shank did not receive a very good response from the consumer, largely due to the lack of taste. It was really the first time I had seen S.K adding salt to her dish, which means that it was quite the bland lamb she had! The only kudos given to this dish was that the lamb was tender – but really, this is obtainable at numerous places.

My steak sandwich wasn’t one to be boasting about either. I was expecting the cheese to be well melted into the sandwich but it turned out to be still in one flat piece when it was being served – quite a disappointment. The steak itself was tender, but once again, you can probably get a tender steak elsewhere with the cheese nicely melted into the sandwich.

The rump steak……………………………. was also a disappointment! D.P reckoned she’s had better ones around and she wasn’t too impressed with the overall cut of the meat she had. I had forgotten to ask her about the taste of the sauce itself but it did look average – acceptable.

I wanted to save the talk about chips to the last because this was probably the biggest disappointment (for me) for this night… they were not crunchy, not seasoned (not much anyway), with plenty of them browned more than the rest – a sign that the oil used is probably old, and should be changed!! For Australian standard, this is nowhere near par.

Despite the rather bland and disppointing mains, we decided to give dessert a go and see what we can make out of this. And since we were rather filled up by the mains, we decided to share a dessert:

  • Sticky date pudding (any surprise, once again?)

Sticky Date Pudding

Very well presented to us, we had our hopes pretty high on the dessert. D.P is known to be our very own conoussieur of sticky date puddings, so she had the first bite – only to be showing an expression of “errrrrrrr……” for about 5 seconds, enough for us to know that we should not be expecting much from this. True enough, the end was found to be really dry and to me it had a rather odd taste of some sort that I couldn’t really pin-point. In any case, it got better and well moistened as we drew towards the middle of the cake (notice how I didn’t say pudding? :)). the little basket that held the ice cream was really made up of caramel if my tastebuds and memory didn’t just do a short-circuit (did I not mention we were engineers?). Rather hard in texture, it was average.

OutsideOverall, this place is not somewhere I would be going in the near future.

PS: the drinks were rather pricey too. $9.10 for a pint of Heineken. Hmm. Not the best price I’ve seen thus far!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Foundry Pub & Grill
Telephone: (08) 9451 4622
Address: 1382 Albany Highway, Cannington, Western Australia 6107

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