BB a Pop Up, Mount Lawley

BB a pop upWebsite:

The PFEs received an invitation from Terry, co-owner of the 3 x Burger Bistros in Perth with Owen and Chris to check out their newly opened pop up cafe on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley. Named “BB a pop up”, it serves an American style of gourmet burger using prime ingredients and brioche buns. I had a look on their website and salivated at the delicious looking burgers made with brioche buns. That is certainly something new! I was sold! As it was a friend’s birthday the long weekend that just past, we decided to head over for the celebration. Terry was kind enough to shout two of our meals with free drinks with any burgers purchased for the rest, and complimentary desserts for the birthday celebration. Thank you for your generosity!

BB a pop up is a funky looking cafe, open aired with a retro decor, quite befitting of a pop up cafe! I found out from Owen who was on duty that they only plan to trade for 8 months before turning the cafe into something else, which explains the term ‘pop up’. I could not quite understand the name before, now it’s totally clear. For those who plan to try the burgers out, get them before they are gone!

BB a pop up insideBB a pop up insideBB a pop up insideNumber stand  

For drinks, we had:

  • Monteiths Apple Cider ($6)
  • Cascade Lemon Lime Bitters ($4)
  • Chocolate and Strawberry Milkshakes ($5.50) with $1 extra for extra ice-cream & malt. Note that there is already a serving of ice-cream and malt in the normal milkshake

Milkshakes Apple Ciders LLB

Loved the Milkshakes, they were creamy and fulfilling! I had to stop myself from sipping too much of it as they were not my drink :p

Onto the food, we had:

  • The Boss ($15) – beef, bacon, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, smoky BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche
  • Side of Fries ($3.50) – a variety of sauces are found near the counter to go with the Fries. My favorite was the Garlic Chilli sauce!

The Boss Burger with side of fries The Boss

  • Chicken Classico ($13.50) – chicken breast, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche

Chicken Classico

  • The El Burro ($15.50) – beef, cheese, BB’s jalapeno chorizo relish, BB’s smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche – this was my order as I wanted to try the enticing sounding jalapeno chorizo relish. I could not quite taste anything special though with the relish after the first few bites. However, the burger as a whole tasted great with the soft on the inside, firm on the outside brioche bun and filling ingredients (check out the photo below showing the inside of the burger). The El Burro was not my favorite as I had a taste of the Le Beau-fort and that was more delicious! (photo coming up next hehe). h. Just a note that the burger pattie is cooked medium rare unless requested otherwise.

The El Burro The El Burro

  • Le Beau-fort ($15.50) – beef, brie, mushroom, BB’s dill & horseradish mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche – this is so so yummy, loving the taste that came from the brie and mushroom combination. Definitely my favorite!
  • Side of Slaw Salad ($3.50) with a choice of dill mayo or red wine lemon vinaigrette dressing – we ordered both :)

Le Beau-fort with side slaw salad Le Beau-fort

  • Vege ($15) – roasted stack of pumpkin, red peppers, eggplant, mushroom, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche – this was a healthy choice to offset the meat in the other burgers. We did an exchange and I shared half of my El Burro with a friend in exchange for half of the Vege burger. Normally not a vegetarian, this burger grew on me. Must be the mushrooms! Wouldn’t mind ordering this again next time.

Vege with side of slaw salad Vege Burger

We were quite full at this stage but was enticed to try the desserts through Owen’s persuasive advertisement of them. Handmade in house by their resident Italian chef he said. We had one of each to taste between us.

  • Tiramisu ($6.50)
  • Chocolate & Walnut Mousse ($6.50)
  • Creme Brulee ($6.50)

Tiramisu Chocolate & Walnut Mousse Creme Brulee

My favorite was the Chocolate & Walnut Mousse, with its generous walnut and chocolate pieces on top and the lovely texture and taste of the mousse. Very nice!

As we were savoring the dessert, we looked around and noticed a Pacman arcade game on the side, and also a football gaming table. Great for the family with kids!

Football gaming table! Pacman video arcade game

I had a great time that afternoon, celebrating a joyous occasion with yummy food, great service and happy friends who loved this new style of burgers. BB a pop up has now become one of my favorite burger bar! I was raving about it at work and my colleague went on the night with his friends. He totally loved the brioche buns as well! Thank you for the hospitality. :)

Narration: Miss L
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Mr Munchies Sushi, Mount Lawley

Mr Munchies SushiIn recent months, Mr Munchies Sushi had become the unassuming rising star of the sushi world in Perth. I first had a taste of it when a friend took away the Sushi Platter for dinner one night and I found that I really liked them! I’d been back for the sushi ever since! I especially like the Mango Sushi Roll.

Earlier this month, I went to “Danny Bhoy” showing in Astor Theatre nearby and decided to introduce the place to some of my friends. They ended up loving the place too. (By the way if you like comedy, you have to check out Danny Bhoy – very funny guy and much less swearing compared to Russell Peters).

The place was packed when we arrived and the four of us had to squeeze into a table for two. Note that the restaurant is quite small so tables get snap up quickly during peak dinner time!

Inside the restaurant

I wanted to try a different drink so I had the Awaken Aloe Vera with Wheat Grass.  Took some getting use to.

DrinksFor entree, we had:

  • Japanese Seaweed Salad ($5.50)
  • Japanese Squid Salad ($5.50)
  • Agedashi Tofu ($8.50) – lightly coated and fried in a tempura sauce, this was very nice!

Seaweed SaladSquid SaladAgedashi Tofu

For sushi:

  • Mango Chicken Roll ($9.50 small 4 pieces)
  • Crunchy Spider Roll ($9 small 4 pieces)
  • Create Your Own Sushi – Eel (large 8 pieces)

Mango Chicken SushiThe Mango Chicken Roll is a seasonal sushi with chicken and prawn fritters topped with coriander, sweet chilli sauce and diced mango. I never fail to order this when I eat at Mr Muchies Sushi. I love the crunchiness of the chicken and prawn pieces combined with the thai inspired flavors of the topping.

Crunchy Spider Roll

The Crunchy Spider Roll contains deep fried soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce, cucumber topped with white sesame sauce and shallots. This was on the average side, I could not really taste the soft shell crab.

Create Your Own - Eel

My friend put together this Create Your Own Sushi, with eel, tamago topped with tobiko and chili mayonnaise sauce. It turned out quite tasty but nothing beats the Mango Chicken Roll for me. :)

There are many more other special Sushi Rolls on offer in Mr Munchies Sushi, I found the chef to be very creative and innovative in his sushi creations. I also love the Create Your Own Sushi or Salad concept.  Will definitely be back again.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

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****Autumn Roving Dinner 2012****

You may recall Miss Egg’s post from last year on the Roving Dinner presented by Laura Moseley from the Beaufort Street Festival committee. It was an awesome concept of going around different restaurants to have each course of dinner, and what you ended up with was a good variety of food lining the tummy, and not to mention the wines to match.

More information below!

Clarences, Mount Lawley


Miss Anise and I decided that we should treat ourselves to a nice long lunch… so we actually took the day off together and headed to Clarences for our well deserved meal (this is with regard to our hard work in the office! *wink*)

I have been wanting to try this place as one of the to-try establishments along Beaufort Street. Miss Anise agreeing to this was an awesome start!

We booked ourselves a table early because we have now started what we call the 11am lunch hour. We beat the crowd, we eat early (because we get hungry early too), and we save time waiting. So anyway, when we arrived, there was only one table ‘populated’. We were shown to a lovely little booth seat and we deliberated on our menus.

Actually, we already deliberated on the menu beforehand at work the day before (excited much?). Miss Anise knew exactly what she’d be after, even down to the drinks! As for me, I found myself a little on the edge.



Anyway, enough of that, we decided on:

  • Grilled Rib Eye, Jus with Potato Salad [$34]
  • Free Range Pork Belly, Sweet Potato Puree, Apple Sauce [$28]
  • Rekorderlig Cider Strawberry & Lime [$14]
  • Glass of White Wine
  • Clarence’s Chocolate Brownie, Frangelico Milkshake [$12]
  • Special Dessert of the Day – Donuts!

We decided not to have Entrée’s this day because we had our eyes set for some desserts (without hearing about it actually).

Anyway, Miss Anise’s grilled rib eye with potato salad came out looking so appetising and even though I wasn’t the one having the cow this time, I wanted to devour it for her! She was given a separate plate to lay her cow down because of the jus, so I thought that was brill. She had a cut into the steak and found it cooked nicely. Not perfect, but it did make it above the line. The standout for her dish was really the potato salad, with which she said she hasn’t had a potato salad that good in a while. I tried a little and she was right – the combination of flavours just worked beautifully together, and the best part, really, was that it wasn’t too heavy on the tummy, which is a plus, particularly for a potato salad.

The pork belly that I had came out looking so pretty that I couldn’t bear to touch it! There was a nice little touch with the sweet potato puree. I initially thought the apple sauce was a bit too minimalistic. But turns out, it wasn’t at all! There were enough flavours running through the sweet potato puree… and when you mix the little blobs of apple sauce – it was just nice. The crispy skin, was indeed crispy, but I think a tad too thick so it got a bit hard to chew towards the end of the meal. Really nicely seasoned though. Overall enjoyable, and I wiped this plate clean.


The two desserts were shared between the two of us because we wanted a taste of each. I couldn’t wait to try both, and it had been a while since I saw frangelico milkshake being served – the last time I did have it was at Andaluz, but since then they had taken this milkshake deal off the menu too.


Anyway, the chocolate brownie and milkshake was a nice combination, but nothing too ‘wow’ about it. I have yet to find the most satisfying brownie next to my experience at West End Deli all those years ago. The donut was sweet… sweet. Sweet. But it was a nice end to our meal.

The service was good, prompt, and friendly. But as always, being the early birds, we did not get to see the wait staff during peak hours, and so I cannot really say too much about this.

Overall, a lovely place to just have a meal with a friend or group of friends, chill, and have a nice contemporary meal. I will be back there sometime to try some of their other items.

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9228 9474
Address: 566 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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Cantina 663, Mount Lawley


This was a long awaited dinner for me and my ‘brother from another mother’, DT. We haven’t caught up with each other in ages and I really looked forward to this meal. I gave him a choice between Clarences and Cantina 663 and he chose the latter only because of its 1% higher rating on urbanspoon! Cheeky but smart way to decide!

For once in a long long time, I was picked up, and we started our catch up session in the car with the usual rubbish talk. Wasn’t long before we found ourselves a nice spot right in front of the restaurant to park the car. Score!

We walked in and informed the waitress of our booking, and she kindly showed us to our table, which was the second last table from the corner, where the kitchen was. First impressions:

  • Cosy
  • Modern
  • Funky
  • Happy


I thought we were off to a great start. We took a while to deliberate on the menu, and whilst doing so, we were asked if we would like any drinks. Of course I did. I asked the waitress to recommend me a nice white, and she did, one of the pinot grigio’s that she personally liked. So I ordered that, was given a bit of a taste, and found it really lovely. So I was sorted.

DT and I decided that we would share our dishes that evening for variety. So we ordered:

  • Watermelon salad
  • Slow-cooked veal
  • Pan-fried Gnocchi (recommended by quite a few people)

Wouldn’t be long before we found the restaurant really filling up, and our dishes served. The table was unfortunately a tad small, so it was quite a bit of a squeeze for the plates. Oops. Maybe we did order too much!

The watermelon salad was refreshing as expected, and with the cheese giving it a nice savoury dimension, as well as the onion to give it a little bite, this was quite a lovely dish. Simple, but nice. Though at the end of the day, it would be something one would be able to do at home as well, isn’t it? The idea has been noted!


The slow-cooked veal was the dish I least enjoyed this evening, although it was tasty. The grapes that came with the dish gave it a nice sweetness to it, but that is about it. I don’t think I’d order that again.

The gnocchi was probably the highlight dish of the evening (as I expected from the many great stories I have been hearing about it). It was nicely pan-fried, and somewhat crunchy to the bite. And it had such a lovely flavour too.

Service this evening was brilliant. We were never left stretching our necks like giraffes whenever we needed someone to assist us, and we weren’t overly bothered and were left to do our thang.

What I do love about this place is how it does provide for seasonal changes, and so the menu is ever changing, leaving you to always want to come back to try new dishes. The main ingredients are constant, but the seasonal items are added/infused wherever the chef sees fit (from what I can understand), so one thing’s for sure – Miss Egg will definitely be coming back at some point!

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Cantina 663
Telephone: (08) 9370 4883
Address: 663 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley

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****Crust Mt Lawley Food Bloggers Pizza Party****


Facebook [Mt Lawley]:

The PFEs were honoured to have been invited to a pizza party hosted by the lovely Foodie Cravings, and her husband. This was a blogger pizza party, and Miss L and I couldn’t wait to catch up with those we met before at the Nespresso event, and some fresh faces!

Everyone was there by about 12.15pm, and we didn’t have to wait long before we started to see trickles of food coming out! Served first was prosciutto wrapped over rocket, one of my personal favourite combinations! Lovely.

Then came a steady flow of pizzas, ranging from nice meaty Mediterranean Lamb, to the Vegetarian Supreme, not forgetting some upper crust pizzas, which included Peking Duck and Five Spice Pork Belly.

But in any case, to make it a little easier, here is the list of pizzas all of us bloggers had a nice helping of:

  • Prosciutto Wraps
  • Herb and Garlic
  • Olive and Feta
  • Peri-Peri
  • Vegetarian Supreme
  • Mediterranean Lamb
  • Gourmet Smoked Ham & Pineapple
  • Szechuan Chilli Prawn
  • Pesto Chicken Club
  • Wagyu Prawn [Upper Crust]
  • Peking Duck [Upper Crust]
  • Five Spice Pork Belly [Upper Crust]
  • Rocky Road Calzone
  • Hokey Pokey Calzone
  • Chocolate Mousse, Mango Gelato, Cookies & Cream


It was such a wonderful spread! There was basically at least one off from each section in their menu, and the lovely couple went all out and gave us a taste of most of their desserts! And who wouldn’t want to have sweeter teeth. (:



My personal favourites were the Mediterranean Lamb (this is from a person who doesn’t usually eat Lamb!), Peri-Peri and Five Spice Pork Belly. Coming in close behind is the Peking Duck.





There was a lot of buzz about the Szechuan Chilli Prawn as well as the Hokey Pokey Calzone. I wish I left more space for dessert because the only thing I managed to stuff myself by that time was the Mango Gelato, which was actually a lovely end to the pizza eating session.


We got to meet some food bloggers whom we haven’t been able to put a face to the name, and some whom we have learnt about at this event. It’s always good to know who’s in the same ‘industry’!

This was such a wonderful event, and to be able to chill out, talk about blogging experiences with fellow bloggers, and to catch up with those whom we can now call friends… that was a perfect Saturday afternoon!

Thank you again, to the lovely owners of Crust Mount Lawley for this wonderfully organised event! The team and pizzas were awesome!

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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Five Bar, Mt Lawley


Having heard interesting reviews about this place, SK and I decided to check this place out on arvo, and with a nice warm day in the books, I couldn’t find any reason not to enjoy a pint of beer with what we’d hope to be some awesome food.

We came here to actually check the place out more than anything, to have a drink and some snacks because we were intending to end the evening at the beloved Andaluz bar in Perth. We found ourselves a neat parking lot just directly opposite the bar and found ourselves waltzing in to find a range of seating areas to suit different styles – vintage, bar, casual window, high tables and a lovely back area that we fell in love with comprising of crates and roof window that opens up when the day is lovely to let all that light stream in. No second guesses as to where we sat! Oh, not forgetting a pool table! I have yet to exercise my long-lost skills on that table, but I know I will one day.

Anyway, we had a look at the menu, and my first impression was, “wow, what a long list of beer!”… they weren’t all tap, but they did have a very intriguing list of beers – how I wish I have the capacity to actually all those beers! We scanned through the food choices too, and finally ordered:

  • Serve of Chips (served with a special aioli)
  • Marinated Octopus
  • Sassy Red
  • Blanche de Namur
  • Pilsner Urquell

On other occasions (yes we have been back… and back… and back. It almost feels like a second home – to me at least), we have ordered:

  • James Squire Apple Cider on Tap
  • Field Mushrooms with Danish Feta and Balsamic Vinegar
  • Reuben Sandwich
  • Open Pork Sandwich
  • Champagne Jelly with Strawberries & Cream
  • Brownie with Ice Cream
  • Tiramisu

The chips are always a favourite whenever I feel like some good fat potato strips fried in oil – because that’s exactly what they are. If you prefer the Macca’s type of chips (i.e. slim, skinny, not too much potato), then this may not be your cuppa. I personally would order this only on a case by case basis, though the taste of the chips and the aioli do have a great combination.


The marinated octopus was lovely. Enjoyed it thoroughly, and I would have had more if not for my abstinence from eating too much seafood. Not too sure if this is still available on their menu though – it does change with the seasons! More variety. Yay!

My personal favourites of this place are really the field mushrooms and the open pork sandwich, both of which are becoming regular orders whenever I visit this establishment. The field mushrooms is a must order if you love mushrooms because the combination of those ingredients is just AWESOME. Lovely. Such a great dish. MmMm. I want some now! The open pork sandwich grows on you bit by bit by bit. The initial bite, you would think, “Hmm, it’s alright”… then you take another bite, and go, “hmm. Nice”… and before you know it you keep taking bites until there is none left and you still want some more! Dangerous effect I say.


The reuben sandwich is great if you like your meat and your cheese because it is just packed full of it (as it should be). According to our friends at Wikipedia, The Reuben sandwich is a hot sandwich of layered meat, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, with a dressing. These are grilled between slices of pumpernickel or rye. And Five did exactly that. Got a bit much for me since I have reduced my meat consumption over the past 2 years, but it is a delight to eat. Would order it again if I was feeling like a carnivore.

I’ve tried all three main desserts that Five Bar has to offer, and my personal favourite is the Brownie with Ice Cream. It wasn’t overly sweet and the brownie wasn’t too dry as well. Lovely.


The rest of the desserts are absolutely stunning in presentation, but not really to my palate unfortunately. The Champagne Jelly sounded so enticing that I ordered it because I was just curious, and I thoroughly enjoyed the strawberries and cream, but am not too used to the flavour that the champagne jelly brought. The tiramisu had a nice coffee taste on the base, but a tad too much cream for my liking – so if you like your cream with tiramisu, then this would be for you!

My favourite drink by far at Five Bar would be having their James Squire Apple Cider. Yummo! And here’s the best part – it goes so well with their food!

With so many different areas to choose from to sit depending on how you feel on the day, you would actually want to go back just to try their different seating areas! I do anyway. The service has always been spot on, and now that I’ve gotten to know some of the staff members, it is always a delight coming back. Based on my initial experience, there was this level of friendliness in the staff that I was really impressed with.

Overall, such a great bar to go back to, even if it is just for 1 hour, to chill, relax and have a pint of their gorgeous James Squire Apple Cider! And look out for their new 2012 food and drink menu too!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Five Bar
Telephone: 0467 534 267
Address:  560 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley

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****BSF 2011 Beer Masterclass**** [Around The World]

So SK and I have been on a crazy Beaufort Street Festival event spree, getting ourselves tickets to almost all the possible awesome food events that are being held in advance of the upcoming Beaufort Street Festival happening on the 12th November 2011!

We were stoked to find out first about the Roving Dinner (with which the post will come soon!), and then our jaws dropped to the ground after finding out about the beer masterclasses that were going to be held at Five Bar.

In true Asian style, we found ourselves booking places for the Around The World Beer Masterclass, then the Roving Dinner, and before we knew it, we made a booking for the Australian Beer Tasting Masterclass as well! Having been to two out of the three so far, I think it only be fair to make a mention of at least one now… so that all ya’ll can possibly make it to the next beer masterclass, or the last one, and of course, the festival itself!

And so this post will be all about the “Around The World Beer Masterclass” that took place on 12 October 2011.

Before we get stuck into the photos, let’s just drool at the stuff that we had:

Blanche De Namur with
Classic Bratwurst Sausage with Sauerkraut and Honey Mustard Dressing

Weihenstephaner Pilsner with
Crispy Fried Scallop & Chive Potato Croquettes, Lemon Hollandaise and Paprika

Belgium (France was not available for comment):
Saison Dupont with
Slow Braised Buttered Leeks on Toasted French Baguette & Organic Goats Curd

Rogers with
Margaret River Spiced Venison Chorizo with Apricot and Quandong Jam

North America:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with
Cajun Spiced King Prawns with Kiwi Fruit, Coriander, Chilli and Lime Salsa

Fuller’s ESB with
Keens Milk English Cheddar, Sticky Quince Paste and Crispbread

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask with
Bailey’s Crème Brulee with Scottish Shortbreads

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite – I really don’t know what will!

I won’t bore you with too many words too with this post, I shall let the photos do the talking for me (:


The bratwurst was rather different to the ones you would have at places like Duckstein, but this wasn’t Germany anyway – so I suppose the differences are but normal. I will say tho’ that the toast they provided below the saurkraut and sausage made all the difference. Yum. The Blanche de Namur was a lovely wheat beer, one which we have tried before and really loved because of its lightness and its easy-to-drink quality. Bottoms up!

I will make this apology right up… I am sorry for not taking the Weihenstephaner Pilsner with Crispy Fried Scallop & Chive Potato Croquettes, Lemon Hollandaise and Paprika! The only excuse I can really give you is a bit of a hungry and semi-tipsy soul who was really trying to savour every moment of that Croquette that was cooked really well, and what stood out was the big chunks of scallop that you could actually taste (and feel) whilst you were eating. And that lemon hollandaise… Not too thick, not too heavy, with the lemon cutting that down a little bit on the richness, it was aweeeee-some!

Right. So quite quickly we went to a beer that SK had warned me about before the masterclass started because of the less than perfect experience with the beer. So I had a sip of the Saison Dupont initially and realised I knew what she was talking about. There was a strong flavour to this beer that’s not too appealing to us both (but everyone is different, so you may actually enjoy this beer!)… but the twists in our lips were transformed to wide grins when we paired it with the buttered leeks. One of the simplest, most desirable mouthful of vegetable and good crunchy toast, this was possibly my own personal favourite pair for the evening! I wish we had more. Two thumbs up to the chefs who paired the dish with the beer so aptly!

Onward to our local affair.

 I stupidly took the beer that we all know about… but not the food that we wouldn’t really see too often. ‘doh! I had a Homer moment, for that I do apologise *sheepish grin*

But in any case, I have never been the biggest fan of Rogers (please don’t hit me!)… I have always loved the Bright Ale from Little Creatures more than Rogers… but according to our Master Anthony Williams from Beer Tasters, Rogers is really the quintessential beer with all that nice fruitiness in its flavour, making it a nice amber rich beer. Pairing this with the Chorizo was definitely the way to go. The nice spiciness from the Chorizo went so well with the fruity spice of the beer, wowee! And not to mention that jam. That Quandong jam. With the meat. With the beer. Oh. Heaven.

And then onwards we trotted to the land of the American beer.


This is another beer that we have tried before, and really, it didn’t leave the best impression on us – maybe because we’re not too much of this style of beer. The Serra Nevada Pale Ale has a peculiar spiciness to its taste, and when it’s drunk on its own, I think it will only taste good when it’s really really cold. I personally wouldn’t want to drink this warm (but who would want to drink warm beer anyway?!)… but this is one of those beers that I would need to keep cold for sure. The prawns were a lovely surprise to the palate. They actually had the “oomph!” factor in its spiciness, which was refreshing. And with the the somewhat curt spiciness of the beer really cut that prawn spice down to an enjoyable combination.


The British knew their beer was special, but they marketed it even better. The Extra Special Beer was quite pleasant to me, and that quince paste, together with the cheese and crackers just made this beer so so easy to drink. Cheers cheers cheers to that ESB!

The Innis & Gunn made for the perfect end to what I personally believe was a fantastic masterclass. This beer has a good origin story that you can find here (instead of really reading a second hand story from me).

And since this was our last course, we would need for this to end on a sweet note, and we most certainly did with a lovely Creme Brulee, that was infused with Bailey’s. That oak aged brew with the brulee was such a sweet match that I gorged the dessert without taking a photo (yet again!). But it was served in a little glass that was perhaps 1.5 times the size of a normal shot size, and made for a nice serve after all that yummy food and beer that went on for the hour or so before that.

During the course of the evening, we had beer master Anthony Williams providing us a little background on the beer, and why it was chosen for the event… and Five Bar’s very own Assistant Manager Pia Poynton explaining the basis behind the food choices that were made by the chefs after they had a taste of the beer themselves.

And with these shoutouts, I’d like to make a special shoutout to the organiser of these food events – Laura Moseley for doing such an awesome job! So far it has been nothing but superb moments!

We should definitely have more of these around WA. Bring it on!

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Cantina 663, Mt Lawley


Cantina 663 is a well known cafe along the cafe-haven strip on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley.  I’d always wondered about the meaning behind Cantina 663.  Looking at the word definition, cantina actually means a bar or a wine shop – not quite so for this cafe but upon entering the premise, you do notice a huge rack of wine and liquor at the counter so I guess it does semi-fit the definition.  663 on the other hand is the shop number along Beaufort Street!  Charming isn’t it!

I’d been here for dinner a couple of years ago after my friend read a rave review on them in the newspaper and thought it was great.  This time round, we came and tried their breakfast menu.  The first thing I noticed as I enter is the magnitude of people already occupying the tables and it was only 9am.  I mean wow, this place must be very popular with their breakkie! 

The cafe has both an inside dine-in area and a big alfresco area equipped with giant wall fans for the hot summer days/nights.  Our group opted to sit inside in the inner most corner.  It was  a very cosy corner.  The whole cafe has a great vibe about it.



  • Juices – Apple and Orange
  • Coffees – Latte, Long Macchiato and Iced Coffee


There were only 5 of us that morning but there were 7 drinks.  Why is that?  Well, one of the guys ordered 3 drinks at one go (1xlatte, 1xlong mac & 1xapple juice).  What the?! Yes, I know, even the waitress was surprised that all the drinks was for him.  Although I’d imagined that they would be quite happy – he would be classified a great and generous customer in the sales sense.  *ker-chink* 

Comments regarding the juices were great – freshly squeezed, none of those sickly sweet types that you get in a bottle.  I had a sipped of the Apple Juice and loved it, it was very refreshing.  There were a few second orders later in the morning from our table but was informed that they were sold out.  Why can’t they buy more apple I wonder?  Comments regarding the coffees from the guys were good – they served coffee from Fiori beans.  I had the Iced Coffee and was only so so about it – I still like the 5 senses iced coffee I had at Sayers!


  • 2 x Mamma’s Breakfast, bacon, scrambled egg, chipolata, tomato, mushroom, hash brown ($20.50)
  • House Smoked Salmon, poached eggs, hazelnut, herbs ($20.50)
  • Cantina’s Home Made Bacon Sandwich, fried eggs, avocado, tomato, rocket ($15.90)
  • Free Range Eggs Scrambled, herbs, buttered toast ($12.90)


My order was the House Smoked Salmon as I wanted to try something different for a change, rather than the usual eggs with toast or vegetarian breakfast that I normally get.  That’s different I thought as I read the menu.  Well, you know how sometimes you get tremendous reward for trying out different things and sometimes it backfires on you?  Well, unfortunately on this occasion, it was the latter rather than the former.  The first and second bites were awesome, the greens and the funky looking herbs enticed me, however the third and subsequent bites proved harder to swallow as the taste of the smoked salmon became overpowering and quite salty.  The poached egg wasn’t exactly as runny as I wanted it to be either.  I’m guessing my friend must have seen a dismayed look on my face and offered me a piece of her buttered toast.  Yay!  That’s what best friends are for..well and other things of course..but buttered toast was great that morning.  Thanks, it was exactly what I needed to complement the dish. 

Being too engrossed in my own dish, I didn’t sample any others but received great feedback for the Scrambled Eggs with Toast and the Bacon Sandwich.

Service was great, friendly waitstaff and drinks and meals came promptly.  Would definitely recommend a meal there – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Cantina 663
: 08 9370 4883
Address: 663 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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Savini Caffe Pizzeria, Mt Lawley

Menu CoverEntertainment Book 09/10: 25% off Total Bill (up to $35)

Savini’s is nestled in a little corner at Walcott St in Mt Lawley, and is rather difficult to spot if you weren’t actually looking out for the place. With a really Tuscany feel to it (or so it’s boasted about. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to Tuscany!)… this place has a rather homely feeling as you step in through their “gates”… We were greeted by the manager (or owner), and was directed in a rather unclear manner to our table.

With quite a small overall area for a restaurant, they’ve managed to utilise their space rather well, but for some strange reason, it doesn’t give off the same comfortable feeling as what Lambretta gave when we go for our eating visits.

We were seated just in front of the pizza oven area, and looking around, they’ve got lovely decoration that filled the place, making it look like a really big home that has alot of tradition and history behind it.

Pizza Oven AreaThe Homely Feel

The Rest of the RestaurantSo… we looked through the menu and we started realising that some of the items on the menu seemed a bit overpriced. For example… $7 for garlic bread. I was quite shocked. Not wanting to sound to miser-ly, I decided to just leave the question of “how many are there in a serve” out and we ordered some “warm crusty italian bread” which was $4.

They didn’t have the best wine-in-a-glass list, and they had no beer on tap, so we just had some house wine.

Just to side track a little because I was quite appalled by this little discovery:

I visited the ladies, which was at the back of the restaurant, along this dark little alley and realised the place wasn’t exactly the cleanest of areas. There was a bad stench, and quite frankly, one of the worst set of toilets I have ever visited. I was shocked.

That said, we’re not looking at their lavatory facilities (tho’ I really do think it forms an important part of a diner’s experience).

So movin’ on with our orders… here’s a summary of what we ordered:

  • House Wine
  • Warm Italian Bread (with Olive Oil and Balsaimic Vinegar)
  • Pizza (with rocket, parmesan cheese, prosciutto and balsaimic vinegar. think Lambretta 175)
  • Scallop Pasta
  • Special Pasta that I know not the name now :(

Deepest apologies for not being able to remember the names of the dishes.

House WineItalian Bread

The house wine was quite average. 

The italian bread was quite a let down. with a description of warm and crusty, we were hoping to warm our tummies up with this nice appetiser, but it came out rather cold and actually rather hard. And for $4, it meant that it was about $1 per piece of bread we received, which I thought was not worth it at all. You get this for free elsewhere, and we had to pay $4 for it. :(

Scallap Pasta (Fettucine)The Scallop Fettucine came out quite simply presented, with a generous serving of scallops. Don’t be deceived by its pale look, because I was. There was this nice flavour to the pasta, and with such a generous serving of the scallops, I wouldn’t mind having a plate all to myself!

If you’re a scallop fan, then this is definitely the dish for you.

It’s not too overly priced as well (which was a surprise :)), with the plate costing about $25 – $27. Memory’s been failing me, but it definitely did not cross the $30 mark.

Pleasant surprise after a rather strange experience at this joint thus far. :)

Pasta (with Olives, Mushrooms, Olive Oil...)

The special pasta that S.C had that night was filled with mushrooms, artichokes, olives, and tonnes of olive oil. Not that it was a bad thing but they might have overdone it. I will show what happened by the end of this meal for this particular dish in a moment.

I had a taste of this dish as well, and whilst the olive oil made it burst out with flavour, there was too much of it, and you could literally feel your lips oiled up.

That said, once again, lovely taste to the dish. And generous amount of ingredients being added to the plate. :)

Guess who had the pizza?


So the pizza came out looking somewhat similar to the one that’s available in Lambretta, known as the Lambretta 175 pizza. I got all excited because I really wanted to see if this place could really do the pizza as well as my favourite little place in Nedlands.

I took the first  bite, and started feeling the excitement fading away.

With a thick base, and quite a massive amount of cheese to the tomato base, this dish didn’t manage to give me that electrifying buzz that the Lambretta 175 can everytime I have it.

Contrary to the pasta brothers, the pizza came with a less than satisfactory amount of ingredients being thrown around the base.

Quite a bit of a disappointment for me… and when A.C and S.C tried it, they seem to have agreed with me.

 So we were done with our mains and we thought maybe we should have a look at the dessert menu. We waited to catch someone’s attention.

And waited.




Waited. Waited. Waited.

Olive Oil GaloreBy this time it had been 20min since our first attempt at trying to get a wait staff’s attention. I, for one, became extremely impatient. Even more so because when we first entered, we felt as tho’ we were over-served, with wait staff asking us the same questions over and over again even tho’ we had been served. Communication issues? And for some reason, with the place quite packed out, the over-serving became an event of being under-served.

We felt as tho’ there wasn’t any reason why one would have to wait so long just to get a wait staff’s attention, so we decided to just leave and be done with this place. Not a very nice feeling leaving the establishment to say the least.

Overall, the place served good pasta, and the good service, really seemed to be reserved for the regulars. I wouldn’t be back here again. Not under my own power anyway.

I leave you with the remnants of the olive-oil infused dish after we finished it, as promised.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Savini Caffe Pizzeria
Telephone: (08) 9271 6366
Address: 80 Walcott Street, Mt Lawley 6050

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