Papparich, Northbridge


The PFEs were invited to check out PappaRich and feast Malaysian style following the launch of its first restaurant in Perth, taking over what used to be the Little Saigon Restaurant on James Street in Northbridge. I was already quite excited knowing that PappaRich was opening a restaurant in Perth. The excitement went up a notch to be then invited as a guest for the launch!

The last time I had PappaRich in Australia was at the Chadstone branch in Melbourne last year, then wishing that they would open one here in Perth.  And now my wish had come true! I was so eager to try it out that I went on the first weekend they opened (prior to my appointed time as a blogger), but alas the line was too long and we ended up dining at the Northbridge Brewing Company instead. The eagerness did not pay off :p

We got in quickly the second time round as we were “booked in” by the PR company. We were seated at the back and had a good view of the restaurant. There was a nice buzz as it was so busy, but I felt quite comfortable where I was, being able to check out the open plan kitchen where the chefs were busy preparing the roti canai and frying up some noodles, flames and all. Nice!

Inside PapparichPappaRich PappaRich

PappaRich runs a self-ordering system, where patrons choose the items they want from the menu and write down the associated numbers on an ordering sheet located in a black box on the table. When completed, one just press the button, also found on the black box and a staff would come and get the ordering sheet. Easy peasy! The buzzer can also be used to get the attention of the staff – no more random hand waving in the air! :p

Self-ordering system

Now for the much anticipated drinks and food! For drinks, we had:

  • Iced Pappa Cham ($3.90) – coffee + milk tea
  • Iced Barley Grass Jelly ($4.50)

Iced ChamBarley Grass Jelly

The Cham is my all time favorite Malaysian drink! The combination of the teh tarik and kopi make it rather acrid but the sharp taste is balanced by the thick and creamy flavor of the condensed milk. It’s really unique and there’s no other drink quite like it when done properly! Must try!

For food, we had:

  • Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup with Prawns and Chicken Slice ($13.90) – flat rice noodles in chicken soup and prawn head broth (boiled daily), topped with prawns, chicken slices, bean sprouts and spring onions. The noodles were smooth and silky and I especially like the broth. There was a strong prawn taste to the broth which made it very flavorsome and tasty. Very authentic! I would order this again (and I did on the next visit :p).

Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup

  • Seafood Curry Laksa ($14.90) – noodles in spicy coconut gravy with mussels, prawns, eggplants, tofu puffs, foo chok (beancurd skin), fish cake and bean sprouts. I was attracted to this as there are a few ingredients in this dish you would normally not find in a usual laksa, such as the eggplants, tofu puffs, beancurd skin etc. I love them, they are similar to what you would find in a “yong tau foo” back in Malaysia! The laksa had lots of ingredients in it, and in particular lots of mussels! Very nice and “lemak”. 

Seafood Curry Laksa Seafood Curry Laksa

  • Satay Chicken 6 pieces ($12.90) – this was another favorite! The chicken were well marinated as you can taste the spices through the entire piece. The satay sauce was really good too, nutty, sweet and slightly spicy. Yum! (I ordered this again on my next visit! Hehe)

Satay Chicken Satay Chicken Satay Chicken

  • 2 Half boiled eggs with Hainan Toasted bread and butter ($6.90) – this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I really like it! Soft runny eggs seasoned with soy sauce and white pepper on toast slathered with a thick layer of butter. Oh, it made my day! Even the process of eating it is so fun! Not a common dish in Perth which makes it all the special that I can eat it here! One thing to note though is that you need to eat it while it’s hot! Tasted much hot hot than lukewarm!  

Half boiled eggs with toast and butter Half boiled eggs with toast and butter Half boiled eggs with toast and butter Half boiled eggs with toast and butterHalf boiled eggs with toast and butter

For desserts, we had the Sago Pudding ($5.50) and the Tau Foo Fa King + Gula Melaka ($5.50).  The Tau Foo Fa is one of their best selling dessert and I can understand why. It was velvety and smooth, and the gula melaka (palm sugar) gave it an intense flavor which I liked. The Sago Pudding was very nice too, it was topped with red bean which was a delight to me as I love all things red bean! Dessert win!

Tau Foo Far with gula melaka Sago pudding

I had a great time lunching at PappaRich that afternoon, it met my expectations and more! I am so happy that we now have another great joint serving traditional Malaysian cuisine. The service was also friendly and informative! Another plus! I just have to get over the long line outside the restaurant every time I try to dine there.

Thank you to Wasamedia and PappaRich for the invite!

Narration: Miss L
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BB a Pop Up, Mount Lawley

BB a pop upWebsite:

The PFEs received an invitation from Terry, co-owner of the 3 x Burger Bistros in Perth with Owen and Chris to check out their newly opened pop up cafe on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley. Named “BB a pop up”, it serves an American style of gourmet burger using prime ingredients and brioche buns. I had a look on their website and salivated at the delicious looking burgers made with brioche buns. That is certainly something new! I was sold! As it was a friend’s birthday the long weekend that just past, we decided to head over for the celebration. Terry was kind enough to shout two of our meals with free drinks with any burgers purchased for the rest, and complimentary desserts for the birthday celebration. Thank you for your generosity!

BB a pop up is a funky looking cafe, open aired with a retro decor, quite befitting of a pop up cafe! I found out from Owen who was on duty that they only plan to trade for 8 months before turning the cafe into something else, which explains the term ‘pop up’. I could not quite understand the name before, now it’s totally clear. For those who plan to try the burgers out, get them before they are gone!

BB a pop up insideBB a pop up insideBB a pop up insideNumber stand  

For drinks, we had:

  • Monteiths Apple Cider ($6)
  • Cascade Lemon Lime Bitters ($4)
  • Chocolate and Strawberry Milkshakes ($5.50) with $1 extra for extra ice-cream & malt. Note that there is already a serving of ice-cream and malt in the normal milkshake

Milkshakes Apple Ciders LLB

Loved the Milkshakes, they were creamy and fulfilling! I had to stop myself from sipping too much of it as they were not my drink :p

Onto the food, we had:

  • The Boss ($15) – beef, bacon, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, smoky BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche
  • Side of Fries ($3.50) – a variety of sauces are found near the counter to go with the Fries. My favorite was the Garlic Chilli sauce!

The Boss Burger with side of fries The Boss

  • Chicken Classico ($13.50) – chicken breast, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche

Chicken Classico

  • The El Burro ($15.50) – beef, cheese, BB’s jalapeno chorizo relish, BB’s smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche – this was my order as I wanted to try the enticing sounding jalapeno chorizo relish. I could not quite taste anything special though with the relish after the first few bites. However, the burger as a whole tasted great with the soft on the inside, firm on the outside brioche bun and filling ingredients (check out the photo below showing the inside of the burger). The El Burro was not my favorite as I had a taste of the Le Beau-fort and that was more delicious! (photo coming up next hehe). h. Just a note that the burger pattie is cooked medium rare unless requested otherwise.

The El Burro The El Burro

  • Le Beau-fort ($15.50) – beef, brie, mushroom, BB’s dill & horseradish mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche – this is so so yummy, loving the taste that came from the brie and mushroom combination. Definitely my favorite!
  • Side of Slaw Salad ($3.50) with a choice of dill mayo or red wine lemon vinaigrette dressing – we ordered both :)

Le Beau-fort with side slaw salad Le Beau-fort

  • Vege ($15) – roasted stack of pumpkin, red peppers, eggplant, mushroom, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche – this was a healthy choice to offset the meat in the other burgers. We did an exchange and I shared half of my El Burro with a friend in exchange for half of the Vege burger. Normally not a vegetarian, this burger grew on me. Must be the mushrooms! Wouldn’t mind ordering this again next time.

Vege with side of slaw salad Vege Burger

We were quite full at this stage but was enticed to try the desserts through Owen’s persuasive advertisement of them. Handmade in house by their resident Italian chef he said. We had one of each to taste between us.

  • Tiramisu ($6.50)
  • Chocolate & Walnut Mousse ($6.50)
  • Creme Brulee ($6.50)

Tiramisu Chocolate & Walnut Mousse Creme Brulee

My favorite was the Chocolate & Walnut Mousse, with its generous walnut and chocolate pieces on top and the lovely texture and taste of the mousse. Very nice!

As we were savoring the dessert, we looked around and noticed a Pacman arcade game on the side, and also a football gaming table. Great for the family with kids!

Football gaming table! Pacman video arcade game

I had a great time that afternoon, celebrating a joyous occasion with yummy food, great service and happy friends who loved this new style of burgers. BB a pop up has now become one of my favorite burger bar! I was raving about it at work and my colleague went on the night with his friends. He totally loved the brioche buns as well! Thank you for the hospitality. :)

Narration: Miss L
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Mr Munchies Sushi, Mount Lawley

Mr Munchies SushiIn recent months, Mr Munchies Sushi had become the unassuming rising star of the sushi world in Perth. I first had a taste of it when a friend took away the Sushi Platter for dinner one night and I found that I really liked them! I’d been back for the sushi ever since! I especially like the Mango Sushi Roll.

Earlier this month, I went to “Danny Bhoy” showing in Astor Theatre nearby and decided to introduce the place to some of my friends. They ended up loving the place too. (By the way if you like comedy, you have to check out Danny Bhoy – very funny guy and much less swearing compared to Russell Peters).

The place was packed when we arrived and the four of us had to squeeze into a table for two. Note that the restaurant is quite small so tables get snap up quickly during peak dinner time!

Inside the restaurant

I wanted to try a different drink so I had the Awaken Aloe Vera with Wheat Grass.  Took some getting use to.

DrinksFor entree, we had:

  • Japanese Seaweed Salad ($5.50)
  • Japanese Squid Salad ($5.50)
  • Agedashi Tofu ($8.50) – lightly coated and fried in a tempura sauce, this was very nice!

Seaweed SaladSquid SaladAgedashi Tofu

For sushi:

  • Mango Chicken Roll ($9.50 small 4 pieces)
  • Crunchy Spider Roll ($9 small 4 pieces)
  • Create Your Own Sushi – Eel (large 8 pieces)

Mango Chicken SushiThe Mango Chicken Roll is a seasonal sushi with chicken and prawn fritters topped with coriander, sweet chilli sauce and diced mango. I never fail to order this when I eat at Mr Muchies Sushi. I love the crunchiness of the chicken and prawn pieces combined with the thai inspired flavors of the topping.

Crunchy Spider Roll

The Crunchy Spider Roll contains deep fried soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce, cucumber topped with white sesame sauce and shallots. This was on the average side, I could not really taste the soft shell crab.

Create Your Own - Eel

My friend put together this Create Your Own Sushi, with eel, tamago topped with tobiko and chili mayonnaise sauce. It turned out quite tasty but nothing beats the Mango Chicken Roll for me. :)

There are many more other special Sushi Rolls on offer in Mr Munchies Sushi, I found the chef to be very creative and innovative in his sushi creations. I also love the Create Your Own Sushi or Salad concept.  Will definitely be back again.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

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****Autumn Roving Dinner 2012****

You may recall Miss Egg’s post from last year on the Roving Dinner presented by Laura Moseley from the Beaufort Street Festival committee. It was an awesome concept of going around different restaurants to have each course of dinner, and what you ended up with was a good variety of food lining the tummy, and not to mention the wines to match.

More information below!

Clarences, Mount Lawley


Miss Anise and I decided that we should treat ourselves to a nice long lunch… so we actually took the day off together and headed to Clarences for our well deserved meal (this is with regard to our hard work in the office! *wink*)

I have been wanting to try this place as one of the to-try establishments along Beaufort Street. Miss Anise agreeing to this was an awesome start!

We booked ourselves a table early because we have now started what we call the 11am lunch hour. We beat the crowd, we eat early (because we get hungry early too), and we save time waiting. So anyway, when we arrived, there was only one table ‘populated’. We were shown to a lovely little booth seat and we deliberated on our menus.

Actually, we already deliberated on the menu beforehand at work the day before (excited much?). Miss Anise knew exactly what she’d be after, even down to the drinks! As for me, I found myself a little on the edge.



Anyway, enough of that, we decided on:

  • Grilled Rib Eye, Jus with Potato Salad [$34]
  • Free Range Pork Belly, Sweet Potato Puree, Apple Sauce [$28]
  • Rekorderlig Cider Strawberry & Lime [$14]
  • Glass of White Wine
  • Clarence’s Chocolate Brownie, Frangelico Milkshake [$12]
  • Special Dessert of the Day – Donuts!

We decided not to have Entrée’s this day because we had our eyes set for some desserts (without hearing about it actually).

Anyway, Miss Anise’s grilled rib eye with potato salad came out looking so appetising and even though I wasn’t the one having the cow this time, I wanted to devour it for her! She was given a separate plate to lay her cow down because of the jus, so I thought that was brill. She had a cut into the steak and found it cooked nicely. Not perfect, but it did make it above the line. The standout for her dish was really the potato salad, with which she said she hasn’t had a potato salad that good in a while. I tried a little and she was right – the combination of flavours just worked beautifully together, and the best part, really, was that it wasn’t too heavy on the tummy, which is a plus, particularly for a potato salad.

The pork belly that I had came out looking so pretty that I couldn’t bear to touch it! There was a nice little touch with the sweet potato puree. I initially thought the apple sauce was a bit too minimalistic. But turns out, it wasn’t at all! There were enough flavours running through the sweet potato puree… and when you mix the little blobs of apple sauce – it was just nice. The crispy skin, was indeed crispy, but I think a tad too thick so it got a bit hard to chew towards the end of the meal. Really nicely seasoned though. Overall enjoyable, and I wiped this plate clean.


The two desserts were shared between the two of us because we wanted a taste of each. I couldn’t wait to try both, and it had been a while since I saw frangelico milkshake being served – the last time I did have it was at Andaluz, but since then they had taken this milkshake deal off the menu too.


Anyway, the chocolate brownie and milkshake was a nice combination, but nothing too ‘wow’ about it. I have yet to find the most satisfying brownie next to my experience at West End Deli all those years ago. The donut was sweet… sweet. Sweet. But it was a nice end to our meal.

The service was good, prompt, and friendly. But as always, being the early birds, we did not get to see the wait staff during peak hours, and so I cannot really say too much about this.

Overall, a lovely place to just have a meal with a friend or group of friends, chill, and have a nice contemporary meal. I will be back there sometime to try some of their other items.

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9228 9474
Address: 566 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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Cantina 663, Mount Lawley


This was a long awaited dinner for me and my ‘brother from another mother’, DT. We haven’t caught up with each other in ages and I really looked forward to this meal. I gave him a choice between Clarences and Cantina 663 and he chose the latter only because of its 1% higher rating on urbanspoon! Cheeky but smart way to decide!

For once in a long long time, I was picked up, and we started our catch up session in the car with the usual rubbish talk. Wasn’t long before we found ourselves a nice spot right in front of the restaurant to park the car. Score!

We walked in and informed the waitress of our booking, and she kindly showed us to our table, which was the second last table from the corner, where the kitchen was. First impressions:

  • Cosy
  • Modern
  • Funky
  • Happy


I thought we were off to a great start. We took a while to deliberate on the menu, and whilst doing so, we were asked if we would like any drinks. Of course I did. I asked the waitress to recommend me a nice white, and she did, one of the pinot grigio’s that she personally liked. So I ordered that, was given a bit of a taste, and found it really lovely. So I was sorted.

DT and I decided that we would share our dishes that evening for variety. So we ordered:

  • Watermelon salad
  • Slow-cooked veal
  • Pan-fried Gnocchi (recommended by quite a few people)

Wouldn’t be long before we found the restaurant really filling up, and our dishes served. The table was unfortunately a tad small, so it was quite a bit of a squeeze for the plates. Oops. Maybe we did order too much!

The watermelon salad was refreshing as expected, and with the cheese giving it a nice savoury dimension, as well as the onion to give it a little bite, this was quite a lovely dish. Simple, but nice. Though at the end of the day, it would be something one would be able to do at home as well, isn’t it? The idea has been noted!


The slow-cooked veal was the dish I least enjoyed this evening, although it was tasty. The grapes that came with the dish gave it a nice sweetness to it, but that is about it. I don’t think I’d order that again.

The gnocchi was probably the highlight dish of the evening (as I expected from the many great stories I have been hearing about it). It was nicely pan-fried, and somewhat crunchy to the bite. And it had such a lovely flavour too.

Service this evening was brilliant. We were never left stretching our necks like giraffes whenever we needed someone to assist us, and we weren’t overly bothered and were left to do our thang.

What I do love about this place is how it does provide for seasonal changes, and so the menu is ever changing, leaving you to always want to come back to try new dishes. The main ingredients are constant, but the seasonal items are added/infused wherever the chef sees fit (from what I can understand), so one thing’s for sure – Miss Egg will definitely be coming back at some point!

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Cantina 663
Telephone: (08) 9370 4883
Address: 663 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley

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****Crust Mt Lawley Food Bloggers Pizza Party****


Facebook [Mt Lawley]:

The PFEs were honoured to have been invited to a pizza party hosted by the lovely Foodie Cravings, and her husband. This was a blogger pizza party, and Miss L and I couldn’t wait to catch up with those we met before at the Nespresso event, and some fresh faces!

Everyone was there by about 12.15pm, and we didn’t have to wait long before we started to see trickles of food coming out! Served first was prosciutto wrapped over rocket, one of my personal favourite combinations! Lovely.

Then came a steady flow of pizzas, ranging from nice meaty Mediterranean Lamb, to the Vegetarian Supreme, not forgetting some upper crust pizzas, which included Peking Duck and Five Spice Pork Belly.

But in any case, to make it a little easier, here is the list of pizzas all of us bloggers had a nice helping of:

  • Prosciutto Wraps
  • Herb and Garlic
  • Olive and Feta
  • Peri-Peri
  • Vegetarian Supreme
  • Mediterranean Lamb
  • Gourmet Smoked Ham & Pineapple
  • Szechuan Chilli Prawn
  • Pesto Chicken Club
  • Wagyu Prawn [Upper Crust]
  • Peking Duck [Upper Crust]
  • Five Spice Pork Belly [Upper Crust]
  • Rocky Road Calzone
  • Hokey Pokey Calzone
  • Chocolate Mousse, Mango Gelato, Cookies & Cream


It was such a wonderful spread! There was basically at least one off from each section in their menu, and the lovely couple went all out and gave us a taste of most of their desserts! And who wouldn’t want to have sweeter teeth. (:



My personal favourites were the Mediterranean Lamb (this is from a person who doesn’t usually eat Lamb!), Peri-Peri and Five Spice Pork Belly. Coming in close behind is the Peking Duck.





There was a lot of buzz about the Szechuan Chilli Prawn as well as the Hokey Pokey Calzone. I wish I left more space for dessert because the only thing I managed to stuff myself by that time was the Mango Gelato, which was actually a lovely end to the pizza eating session.


We got to meet some food bloggers whom we haven’t been able to put a face to the name, and some whom we have learnt about at this event. It’s always good to know who’s in the same ‘industry’!

This was such a wonderful event, and to be able to chill out, talk about blogging experiences with fellow bloggers, and to catch up with those whom we can now call friends… that was a perfect Saturday afternoon!

Thank you again, to the lovely owners of Crust Mount Lawley for this wonderfully organised event! The team and pizzas were awesome!

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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